Caribbean Scuba Diving Spotlight: The Beginning Diver

One of the questions we’re often asked by people who are planning dive trips is “What are the best scuba diving locations for the beginning scuba diver?” It’s a tough question to answer. There are so many fabulous dive destinations on this planet. Each location has its own unique appeal and charm.

Being a beginning or novice diver means that you have a whole new world to explore. Every one of your dive trips beneath the waves expose you to new sights and experiences. It’s an exciting journey. One great place to begin this journey is in the Caribbean.

There are many reasons to choose a Caribbean scuba dive vacation if you’re a novice diver. The water is warm and comfortable. The water is extremely clear, which means fabulous visibility. You’ll be able to spot sea life with ease. There’s an incredible diversity of sea life that either lives or travels near the island nations of the Caribbean. Caribbean scuba diving is very enjoyable. It is in these waters that many people take their first dive – and develop a life-long love of scuba!

The numerous Bonaire dive sites and those of the Cayman Islands are great places for novice divers to get comfortable in the water, build dive skills, and truly enjoy the experience. If you’re looking for a Caribbean scuba dive vacation that combines great dive trips beneath the waves with a fabulous nightlife, consider scuba diving in Cozumel. Cozumel is a great place to explore drift diving. Enjoy the exhilarating rush of being carried along by the strong current with expert dive guides. There’s fabulous coral and you don’t want to miss the resident population of splendid toadfish! Keep an eye on the blue water and you might spy rays, sharks, and even the occasional whale!

There are many different types of dive trips you can experience in the Caribbean. For more information, please contact our experienced team of experts at Ultimate Dive Travel.

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2 Responses to “Caribbean Scuba Diving Spotlight: The Beginning Diver”

  1. Sybille says:

    I think the photo of the guy hanging on to the turtle should be removed. It’s totally irresponsible to publish that pic, especially in connection with a blog post addressed to beginner divers.

    Shame on you for publishing it!

  2. admin says:

    Hi Sybille,

    Though the photograph does make it appear as though the diver is holding onto the turtle, this is not actually the case. If you look at the photo closely, the diver is swimming behind the turtle with his arms crossed. You’re absolutely right in that no one should ever so much as touch a turtle, or any marine life for that matter. At Ultimate Dive Travel, we are a very environmentally conscious company and would never take or publish a picture of anything destructive to corals or marine life as a whole. That being said, we really appreciate and understand your concern.

    The Ultimate Dive Travel Team

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