A Guide to Booking the Perfect Dive Trip

What makes a scuba diving trip the dream getaway? Is it the luxurious seaside resort and spa overlooking idyllic islands, secluded cottages at the base of a lush rainforest, or the more adventurous option of liveaboards? Ultimate Dive Travel has the expert information you need to plan an extraordinary dive getaway.

Set Travel Goals
Travel planning can be a challenging process. The first step is to identify and outline the travel goals you have for the trip, such as locking down a budget, choosing the destination and visit duration, and selecting the activities to enjoy.

Create an Itinerary
Since most of us have to work for a living, it’s smart for travelers to create an itinerary of everything they hope to see and experience during their trip. Start by listing the most important activities to ensure you stay focused and remain on-budget.

Travel Deals
Constant vigilance. The ultimate strategy for booking your future getaway is to stay within budget while experiencing as much as you can. In today’s tech world, it’s easy to browse travel sites offering unbelievable deals and specials. But how do you know that those deals are real and that you are booking through a legitimate company? That’s where working with a specialized dive travel agency helps; an agency like Ultimate Dive Travel can provide travelers with the best deals and packages available.
Book the Trip
Communication is key here. Be sure that you do your homework and communicate what you want effectively. Let staff know your expectations upfront, so you aren’t disappointed later on. Remember you control the type of experience you have.

Finalize Plans
Make sure your resort reservations and transportation line up with the days you’ve selected for your trip. Consult with Ultimate Dive Travel to determine if you will need to pre-book any diving excursions. Don’t show up without a reservation to find out you can’t go on that one dive you were anticipating for months.

It’s also important to check that your instructor is legally certified— PADI, SSI, NAUI or TDI/SDI certifications are the world’s top diving certifiers, recognized globally. Refer to your pre-dive checklist before diving to confirm that the gear is up to scratch, as well as locating the closest decompression chamber in the case of an emergency.

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