Beware of the “Overbooking Bait and Switch”

Overbooking Bait and Switch

Booking a trip has become a mindless action due to the power of the internet. No matter where you want to go, you’re one click away from your dream vacation. But what happens when the booking site cancels your plans without so much as an excuse of “overbooking?”

Most of us would be left infuriated, scratching our heads with confusion because, well, isn’t this why we booked online in the first place: to AVOID overbooking and cement our place as quickly as possible?

Many online booking customers have become victims of a classic ‘bait and switch,’ wherein their trip is booked, bags are packed, and with almost no notice, they’re informed that their reservation has been canceled because the hotel is overbooked. Moreover, no reimbursement is received, and if so it’s a downright insult compared to the initial investment. There is also no effort made to find paid customers new accommodations. What’s left? Customers are stranded while the booking site risks your future business and overall good rapport to make a quick buck.

We have all experienced a similar situation at some point. While technology has provided us with quicker, more efficient results, it’s also made companies far too comfortable being impersonal. Customers putting their trust (and hard earned money) in a service should warrant unparalleled assistance in return.

With over 23 years in the travel industry, I understand the level of trust you’re looking for in booking not just a trip, but an experience. Booking with Ultimate Dive will give you one-on-one, personal service with a real person that has your best interests at heart. This is how I’ve been able to put accountability as a priority for running Ultimate Dive and deliver successful, meaningful experiences for friends and family.

Booking trips outside the country can give you little recourse and can make things harder to control when something goes wrong. International lawyers start around $800 per hour and the sky’s the limit from there. Always be safe and book your trips in the United States where you have control over your bookings

As a business owner, customer service expert, and person, I caution you to think twice before booking with an online source. If you’re looking for personal attention, speak with someone that cares. Contact us with any questions you may have or if you think Ultimate Dive could help you plan your next vacation.

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