Dive the Biodiverse Seascape of Bonaire with Captain Don’s Habitat

Captain Don's Habitat

Bonaire is ideally situated outside the hurricane belt in the Caribbean Sea, approximately 50 miles off the northern coast of Venezuela. A true diver’s resort, Captain Don’s Habitat in Bonaire offers over 50 world-class scuba dives within a short 15-minute boat ride.

Over the last several decades, Bonaire has assumed a diligent responsibility to the greater protection of the island’s marine resources as a declared marine park. All of the surrounding waters off the island are legally protected from human disturbance, allowing divers to delight in a wealth of biological riches.

Scuba diving through the diverse tropical aquatic habitats native to Bonaire draws seasoned and novice divers alike. The island is home to more than 470 species of fish, as well as some of the world’s most breathtaking diving sites. For those who enjoy shore dives, Bonaire has a vast assortment of sites to adventure.

Discover impressive elkhorn coral formations in the shallows at Karpata. Dive through complex coral structures at Alice in Wonderland. And come face-to-face with the vibrant marine life found within the Reef. Interested in a wreck dive? The 236-foot-long freighter known as Hilma Hooker lies along the ocean floor (about 100 feet under) off the coast of Bonaire. One of the leading wreck sites in the Caribbean, this memorable dive takes you through an aged cargo vessel covered with new growth of bright colorful coral and sponges.

Captain Don’s Habitat was started by renowned underwater environmentalist Captain Don Stewart, who recently passed away. The resort’s dive operation is centrally located to all guest accommodation. Guests uncover the island’s diverse marine ecology while enjoying a relaxed and comfortable stay in a PADI 5-Star Gold Palm Resort and an SDI 5 Star Professional Development Center.

Dive Bonaire with Captain Don’s Habitat. Your island paradise is but a reservation away.