Dive Yap in luxury & comfort with the Manta Ray Bay Resort

Tucked away on the lush tropical Island of Yap sits a diving paradise of local marine wildlife, WWII wrecks, sunken treasure, and culturally diverse villages. Yap is famous for the large population of manta rays it attracts year around. Situated on the western Pacific Ocean, Yap lies in the Caroline Islands as part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

The Manta Ray Bay Resort offers travelers a cultural tour among the local village of Kaday, exotic wall diving expeditions, and vertical dives into the shark crowded waters at Vertigo. Yap Caverns plunge divers into a fascinating network of cavities and canyons notched out of the coral wall. Within shallower sections of the caverns one will see large coral outcroppings, honeycombed with narrow chasms and chimneys large enough to explore.

Action-packed deep dives are waiting for the adventurous diver at the Caverns in a passage through a grey reef shark nursery and active cleaning action. Skylights send shafts of sunbeams down into the cavern depths, illuminating the vertical walls rich in soft corals. Check out the cavern’s many crevices, as white tip reef sharks are often found nestled within the sandy bowls. Swim amongst lively groups of dancing mantas on easy shallow dives and glide by a colorful cuttlefish or two scuttling along the floor at O’Keefe’s Passage. Yap dives are abundant with colorful reef fish and schooling pelagics, sometimes a diver will even encounter schools of fifty or more huge bumphead parrotfish outside the caverns.

Modern, sleek and filled with the comfort of modern amenities, the resort’s fleet of seven twin engine dive boats accommodates every unique request, from those wanting a private charter to a lively group scuba expedition. All boats carry radio, oxygen and emergency medical kits for safety.

Your journey through the exotic isle of Yap beckons. Descend into a diving adventure like none other with the Manta Ray Bay Resort, reconnecting with the manta ray, reef shark and other native marine inhabitants that lie beneath the surface of Micronesia.