Diving Bonaire!

If you want more adventures in diving, Bonaire will provide a variety of dive sites.  World-class divers give Bonaire a rate of 10 out of 10. The place has more than 100 dive sites.  Each of these with strict diving levels – novice, intermediate, and advanced.


Come On, The Diving’s Great


Scuba diving enthusiasts are directed to the appropriate sites for diving.  Bonaire officials are strict about this.  Novice and intermediate divers are prohibited from sites with strong currents, and only those with solid years of certified scuba diving experience are allowed to dive here.  Happily, there are several drop sites where all levels can take the plunge.


For the diving, the Town Pier is a popular dive site for diving.  Bonaire diving aficionados of all levels – novice to advanced – enjoy the depths of 20-40 feet.  Again, there are restrictions.  Divers must present the permission of the harbormaster and they must be accompanied by a dive guide from the locality.


Calabas Reef is another site for all-levels diving.  Bonaire also takes pride in the Angel City, a site teeming with angelfish, and in Alice in Wonderland, where divers can see schools of parrotfish and French Angels.


Going to Bonaire?


Aside from the great diving, Bonaire has much to offer on land.    In Gotomeer, flamingos converge to feast on the shrimps in the brackish waters, and nest on the salt flats.    Interesting bits and pieces of the island’s history are preserved – the 1837 lighthouse, and 1838 obelisks built to aid mariners find anchor.


After a day of diving and hiking the trails, you can go kayaking, windsurfing, bird watching, mountain biking, horse-back riding, and deep-sea fishing.  There is no end to the wonderful and interesting possibilities in this Antilles Island.  Family members will enjoy the stress-free environment, and children can learn from the environmental efforts to protect the island’s natural resources.

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