The Best Scuba Diving Destinations

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You want your scuba diving vacation to be perfect, and so do we! That’s why Ultimate Dive Travel reviews each and every diving facility we work with – be it dive liveaboards or one of our fantastic scuba dive resorts. We dive the destinations, so we can tell you what to expect — and what to be sure not to miss! We stay on the liveaboard diving boats and visit every resort, so you can truly enjoy your getaway in comfortable surroundings. We test out the scuba diving packages and all-inclusive dive vacations, so we can let you in on the best deals. We can help you make the best choices for your scuba diving trip because we’ve already checked for ourselves!

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Scuba Diving in the Caribbean

These locations are classics for a reason. Perhaps you’ve already explored the sunken cruise ships and seen the tropical fish that decorate the ocean floor before, but you’ve never explored it the way we do at Ultimate Dive Travel. Join Ultimate Dive Travel in any of these tropical locations:

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Scuba Diving Trips in Central America

The diving in Central America is among the best in the world, and it won’t take you long to know why. Central America boasts some of the world’s most historic and biologically diverse habitats. The rich culture, friendly people, and warm waters made these Central American scuba diving locations hard to beat:

When scuba diving in Central America, you’re guaranteed to encounter a huge variety of marine life and diversity. Reserve your spot today!

Scuba Diving Trips in South America

Diving in South America truly offers the best of both worlds—frigid cold waters filled with whales or tropical reefs and submerged volcanic ridges. Whether you’re new to scuba diving, or if you’re looking for a challenge, our dives in South America offer something for everyone.

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Scuba Diving in Micronesia

Micronesia is home to tropical weather, tiny islands, pristine reefs, and clear waters. Explore the abundant marine life and mind-blowing dives for yourself! Embark on a scuba diving trip to Micronesia with Ultimate Dive Travel to any of these locations:

Diving in Micronesia has everything you could ever wish for! Reserve your trip today.

Scuba Diving in Mexico

Mexico is ripe for underwater exploration. Discover the Pacific Ocean like never before with Ultimate Dive Travel and our unique scuba diving expeditions. If you’re hoping for big animal diving, we can put you right in the middle of the action. Whether it’s great white sharks of Guadalupe Island, or giant mantas, dolphins, and humpback whales, we know how to get you into the water for the best big animal diving. Enjoy the waters of:

The exotic underwater wildlife makes Cozumel the ultimate destination for a scuba diving retreat. Join us today and reserve your trip!

Scuba Diving in South Asia

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. With over 13,000 islands and the richest biodiversity in the world, breathless beauty for all awaits in the sparkling waters of South Asia. Wreck diving on historic shipwrecks, wall diving on offshore pinnacles, or shore diving on a house reef are all possibilities when diving in South Asia. Join us in any of these locations for a scuba trip of a lifetime:

The diving opportunities are endless in South Asia! Reserve your scuba diving trip with Ultimate Dive Travel today.

South Pacific & Australia

The marine landscapes and marine life make the South Pacific a diver’s dream destination. There are numerous locations for wreck-diving, caves, and islands to explore. Plus, the warm, tropical climate means perfect weather year-round. Come with Ultimate Dive Travel to any of these dive locations in the South Pacific:

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