Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to scuba dive you must be certified through by one of the worldwide certified agencies. If you are not, you can give us a call and we can find a certified diving store near you.

We highly recommend you get travel insurance because there are unforeseen instances that can happen when you are away. Because of this we highly recommend Berkshire Hathaway Travel Protection.

Before you can come on a scuba diving trip, you have to sign a travel services agreement. In this agreement, you will understand all the terms and agreements before you book your trip.

There are 3 required forms you must have filled out: Travel Services, Travel Insurance, and if you are using a credit card, you can use our credit authorization form.

If you do not see a diving location that you would like to visit, then you can contact us to see if we have the ability to get a diving package set up for you.

Our scuba diving specials are updated weekly with diving trips, liveaboards, and resorts. You can find all the information and updated diving specials here! To get all the latest trips right away, sign up for our diving specials news blast.

At Ultimate Dive Travel, we go the extra mile to ensure every step of your vacation will be perfect. Since 1995, we have been helping thousands of divers experience a transformed level of scuba diving. Every one of our trips is hand selected for not just an exotic destination, but a scuba diving trip that will be right for you.

We realize that everyone has different diving trips they would like to go on. Because of this, we have over 20+ different resort locations in the Caribbean, Central America, Micronesia, South Asia, South Pacific, and Australia.

If you want to learn more about scuba diving travel and diving trips, then you can navigate your way to our blog section where you can learn about scuba diving, take a look at different scuba diving trips, and find information on different fish and sea creatures!

We protect your trip at all costs! No credit card surcharges and bankruptcy insurance. Unlike most travel agencies, we do not charge extra to accept your credit card, and we pay all necessary bank wires required for international payment fees. Ultimate Dive Travel is one of the few scuba travel companies that has additional travel insurance to protect you, and ourselves, against default of a resort or liveaboard. We go above and beyond to make sure our travelers are well accommodated so you have the best trip possible. Just ask our past divers!