Fiji Scuba: Amazing Coral, Friendly People

At Ultimate Dive Travel, there’s nothing we like more than telling people about the more than two dozen dive vacation sites we work with. Every dive destination has something special and unique to offer to the traveler, from the dazzling nightlife of the Grand Cayman Islands to the one-of-a-kind biodiversity to be found scuba diving the Galapagos Islands.

But we have to admit to having a special place in our heart for Fiji. Fiji is one of the best scuba diving locations to visit if you’re a big fan of soft coral. The coral reefs off of Fiji are absolutely amazing, healthy and exquisitely colored. The Bligh Waters off the northern coast of Viti Levu (the main island in the 300+ island chain) are particularly nutrient rich. The coral here thrives, and as a result, the reef is overflowing with life. Even novice divers will find it easy to discover sea stars, anemones, clown fish, scorpion fish and puffer fish.

Fiji Is For Lovers: Shark Lovers!

Sharks and other predatory fish treat the coral reefs as their own personal buffet line. Pacific Harbor, on the southern short of Vita Levu, is famous for its shark population. We’ve had guests on Fiji dive trips report seeing as many as eight different shark species in a single day!

If you’re in search of your own personal Shark Week, we can help you put together a Fiji dive vacation that will rock your world. Seeing sharks in the wild can be a life-changing experience. You want those changes to be positive, so we strongly recommend you practice extreme caution and follow the instructions of your dive leader to dive with sharks safely.

All of the dive operators we work with for our dive trips are local experts, highly trained and very knowledgeable about Fiji’s waterways. Educating yourself ahead of time on local shark species and their behaviors is a great idea. The Fiji Shark Count is a great source of information. We highly recommend reading this page before your Fiji dive vacation.

The Time To Visit Fiji Is Right Now

We have some great Fiji dive trips right now. Don’t miss the chance to cross one of the world’s best reef-diving sites off your bucket list! Contact us to reserve your space today.