Fish n’ Fins Dive & Tours

Fish n’ Fins Dive & Tours

You did not travel all the way to Palau to dive in a crowd! Small, intimate dives are Fish n Fins specialty. Explore the reefs with a select group of scuba divers accompanying you. Palau scuba diving packages are available for divers of every ability, catering to your dreams and desires.

All their boats have cushioned seating, protective overhead covering, and dry storage compartments. Their current dive boats consist of the following:

38 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Triton)
35 feet 2 X 225 HP 4-stroke engines (Poseidon)
32 feet 2 X 175 HP 4-stroke engines (Nautilus)
29 feet 2 X 150 HP engines (Kon-Tiki & Calypso)
27 feet 2 X 150 HP engines (Jaco)

Fish ‘n Fins offers the diver a wide variety of Air Tanks: 80 (our standard), 100, 70, and 63 cubic feet (12, 15, 10.5 and 9.5 litres). NITROX tanks are aluminum 80′s clearly identified with yellow / green NITROX markings. They have Standard and DIN valves available and guarantee your tanks will always be filled to their maximum working capacity.

Fish n’ Fins is very proud of its Air Quality. It is analyzed at set intervals by Trace Analytics, Inc., Austin, TX , and it is in compliance with the Compressed Breathing Air Specifications CGA G-7.1-1997 Grade E(2).

Their high-tech, state of the art Photo Shop is designed for underwater photographers to meet, share their work, and do their best work. The Photoshop Pro is an expert at digital editing, using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Photoshop on a PowerMac G5. He can also fix cameras and give you shooting pointers. Some other services:

Develop and buy film
Rent digital or film cameras
Download your digital prints or video to CD or DVD
We can edit your video for you!
Print out your digital footage to high-resolution, glossy photos
And our most special service, CUSTOM VIDEOS: Bring back home a nice DVD or VHS (NTSC or PAL system) with 25-30 minutes of edited video of your best moments diving with us, the best footage of Palau, and some good music in the background. A wonderful memory to share from your trip.

General Information

A morning dive trip leaves around 8:30am and returns anywhere from 3:30-5:30pm. In between two dives, take a one-hour surface interval in a beautiful snorkel spot where you can explore around the Rock Islands. Lunch is usually after the two dives- a picnic lunch on a Rock Island beach. Without paying extra, you can stop and snorkel at the intact and shallow Zero plane, the giant Tridacna clams, or ask your driver about the Milky Way–you’ll be in for a traditional treatment: Palauan white clay masks with a private lagoon for a spa. Enjoy the scenic boat ride including WWII relics, ancient red cave paintings, and the famous Rock Island Arch.

Sit back, relax, and let us take you to the best sites Palau has to offer.

Fish n' Fins

Scuba Highlights

What is a reef hook?
It is a metal hook approximately 4″(10cm) long attached to a 6 foot (2m) rope and a snap ring. You secure the snap ring to one of the D rings in your BCD.

Why use a reef hook?
Some of the dive sites in Palau (such as Blue Corner, New Drop Off, Peleliu Corner, etc.) have strong currents (which attract the big fish and sharks). The reef hook enables you to secure yourself to the reef without any effort and without damaging the pristine reef.

While reaching the desired spot on the reef to observe the action, we locate a rock or dead coral and literally hook the reef hook to it. The current will keep the line stretched and both our hands will be free (ideal for photographers). You should put a little air in your BCD to float above the reef, however remember to take it out before you unhook!

Where to buy it?
Invented in Palau by Francis Toribiong, the founder of Fish ‘n Fins, the reef hook can be found in many dive shops around the world. Fish ‘n Fins offers stainless steel hooks that will not rust and will accompany you on many dive expeditions to come.


About 500 miles east of the Philippines, Palau is the western most island group of a region called the West Caroline Islands, which is part of a larger region called Micronesia. Nations in the Micronesia region include the U.S. Territory of Guam, The Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, the Federated States of Micronesia (of which Yap is a state), and the Republic of Palau.


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