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Indonesia Scuba Diving Resort

Indonesia Scuba Diving Resorts stand out because of their immense variety of marine life. In fact, they have more types of aquatic organisms than any other diving destination in the entire world. With over 600 types of coral and over 3,000 different fish, the island haven of Indonesia is truly awe-inspiring. Visitors can take part in all types of diving: night, muck, reef, and drift. WWII relics are plentiful, and world-class drop-offs teeming with ringed octopi, sea turtles, and ghost pipefish are seemingly everywhere at once. There are still dive sites waiting to be discovered in Indonesia. Will you be the one to take them head on?

Ultimate Dive Travel knows how to make your Indonesia scuba diving trip perfect — from the small luxurious beach resorts to beautiful hidden getaways, Ultimate Dive Travel strives to get the best deals for all the Indonesia scuba trips to ensure there is something for all budgets!

Indonesia is highly recognized for its scenic scuba diving and lavish resorts. Since 1995, Indonesia has been the most sought after trip of the year — a must for all scuba divers.

Indonesia scuba trips certainly live up to their reputation. No matter if you are looking for a special holiday trip or just to experience a whole new world of diving, you cannot go wrong with an Indonesian diving destination.

With resorts such as Gangga Island Resort, and others, you’ll relax in elegant bungalows while enjoying the beautiful surroundings Indonesia has to offer. With a variety of different resorts offered, you can experience fine dining, relaxing spa treatments, extensive scuba diving trips, and more!

Why Indonesia?

What makes Indonesia stand out as one of the best scuba diving trips in the world? Indonesia has a strong stand on conservation and protection, which keep the waters as perfect and as clear as you’ll find anywhere. Indonesia is known for its healthy reefs, stunning corals, and breathtaking marine life.

Indonesia Liveaboard Suggestions

Indonesia is notoriously known for some of the most luxurious liveaboard trips around the world. Ultimate Dive Travel carefully chooses each liveaboard boat ensuring it is up to standards for every diver. Each Liveaboard will take you on an exploration to renowned world class dive sites.

Not only does Indonesia have the most beautiful resorts, but it also has the most dive locations of any other place in the world. Toss in its 3,000+ species of fish, WWII wrecks, underwater volcanic formations, and immensely deep trenches – and it’s easy to see why this is one of the most recommended locations to visit. You simply can’t take it all in without a liveaboard. There are nearly 500 dive sites! Travel and choose from many options of Indonesia Liveaboards. Kick back, relax, and enjoy attractive dives, and soak up the stunning imagery of beautiful Indonesia.