Kasai Village: Jewel of the Coral Triangle

Diving and wildlife enthusiasts from around the world set out each year to explore new geographic topographies and habitats. At the heart of the Philippine archipelago, a world-class scuba diving resort paradise beckons to those who seek underwater adventure. Located on a spectacular peninsula on the island of Cebu, the Kasai Village Resort is surrounded on all sides by white sand beaches, abundant coral reefs, and the many dive sites varying in difficulty to match all skill levels from beginner to expert.

Kasai Village guests venture on daily diving excursions to stunning reefs surrounding the peninsula and take tours to the Cathedral—an open top underwater cave on the world-famous Pescador Island that is home to a spectrum of barracudas, lionfish, clownfish and pufferfish. Guests of Kasai Village are guaranteed to have unique encounters with an array of underwater marine life—thousands of species of tropical fish and hundreds of types of coral, even non-fish marine life like the mantis shrimp and slipper lobster. Divers may even be lucky enough to encounter whale sharks, white tip reef sharks, or blue ring octopus!

If you’re not sure what you’re looking at; not to worry, Kasai Village’s dive guides are highly knowledgeable about the reef inhabitants and local fish behavior, giving divers the best chance to make the most of their time spent in the areas pristine coral reefs. Kasai Village takes pride in its small intimate groups providing a one-on-one diving experience, and even offers an underwater digital photography course for those wanting a more permanent memory of the region’s marine ecosystem.

If in the mood for an adventure back on land, guests are welcomed to take in the beautiful terrain surrounding the resort between dive trips, including hiking up to one of the areas beautiful waterfalls, taking a motorcycle down the jungle trails, exploring one of the areas many caves, or taking a dip in the local hot springs.

Explore the diverse ecosystem of the Philippines with Kasai Village!