Liveaboard Scuba Diving in Bali

The Arenui liveaboard diving boat is a traditional and magnificent Phinisi, wooden designed sailing vessel with the purpose of helping the visitors to explore the magnificent Indonesian Archipelago. On Arenui, you can explore the world’s number one site offering diverse marine life, including Raja Ampat, Alor Maluku, Komodo, and beyond! The Arenui liveaboard diving ship offers professional massage and spa treatment to our divers. Arenui liveaboard dive ship provides a culture and style as you sail through the beautiful Colar Island. The boat is here to provide you with convenience equipped dive liveaboard, combined with artistic touches and a 5-star luxury hotel. Unlike land resorts, Arenui liveaboard dive resort drops you directly at the Indonesian dive site.

What can be a more adventurous and fulfilling scuba diving vacation experience than liveaboard luxury yacht cruising and scuba diving in the tropical islands of Bali?


Contrary to what many scuba divers think, liveaboard scuba diving may not be as expensive as you think. In fact, if planned properly, live onboard diving vacations may even save you money and inconveniences. Firstly, you will on transportation time and costs traveling to your dive operator’s boat and then after your dive, returning to your hotel or resort lugging your cumbersome scuba diving gear with you and repeating the same process for the next couple of days during your vacation in Bali.


Next, you save money on hotel or resort accommodation because since that you are living on the dive boats, there will be no need for hotel or resort bookings. Furthermore, you do not need to hunt for expensive meals in your hotel or resort since all liveaboard scuba diving packages will include delicious meals which will also mean that you will be probably having very fresh and delectable seafood caught by the crew while you are enjoying your cruise or are scuba diving.


The highlight of your liveaboard Bali vacation is that you can dive in many exotic dive locations instead of only the dive spots near where you stay. This is because since that you need not return to your resort or hotel to retire for the day, the liveaboard dive yachts will cruise away to far off scuba diving locations while you are sleeping. This again saves you time and best of all, you get to save more money by diving in more places for the same price.


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