Make 2017 The Year You Try Indonesian Muck Diving

Make 2017 The Year You Try Indonesian Muck Diving

More and more people are asking us about muck diving. Muck diving generally takes place in shallow waters, and the diver concentrates on the creatures that dwell on the sandy, sometimes rocky bottom. The scale of the creatures you encounter on muck dive trips is many orders of magnitude smaller than the rays, sharks, or whales you may see in open water, but when it comes to biological diversity, individual beauty, and sheer scientific curiosity, muck diving can’t be beat.

Indonesian Muck Diving

The Ambon Bay region of Indonesia is quickly becoming one of the best scuba diving locations for muck divers. Beneath the surface of the water, the sea bottom doesn’t, at first glance, look like much. But if you’re willing to wait and patiently explore, these sandy, silty waters will reveal their treasures to you. There are numerous species of rhinopias, frogfish, seahorses, many types of crabs, sea urchins, and all kinds shrimps to watch and photograph. Indonesian dive trips are a wonderful way for amateur naturalists to do their own field observations.

Indonesian Dive Resort: Maluku Divers

When people choose Indonesian dive trips, they do so because they truly want to get away from it all. Maluku Divers offers peaceful beachfront bungalows nestled between mature trees in the village of Laha that encourage total relaxation. This truly unique resort is also perfectly situated to enjoy the best diving in Indonesia. Between the restful and comfortable accommodations and once in a lifetime diving opportunities, you’ll feel completely rejuvenated and restored after your stay with Maluku Divers.

Maluku Divers, the only internationally owned and managed dive center in Ambon, provides excellent shore diving, along with boat dive trips to the best muck diving sites in Ambon Bay. With the world-class muck diving and diverse options for accommodations, Maluku Divers in the Ambon Bay region of Indonesia is truly one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Contact us to learn about special pricing on Indonesian muck diving packages!