Ocean Hunter I

Ocean Hunter I Liveaboard Dive Trips

Ocean Hunter I is a 60 foot sailboat that offers 7 and 10 night trips around Palau

With only 3 cabins and 6 guests onboard Ocean Hunter I and the crew provide personal attention and maximum bottom time. Photographers will have a large work area and over 60 electrical outlets at their disposal.

A great advantage of diving from the Ocean Hunter is there are practically no “chase boat rides”. Say goodbye to those fancy skiffs and 30-minute rides to and from the dive site, which are required by the bigger liveaboards in Palau. Because of its small size and shallow draft, the Ocean Hunter will usually take you directly above the dive site. All you do is jump off the main boat from the comfortable dive platform. Some sites visited are even inaccessible by day boats and bigger liveaboards. And when your dive is over, you can climb back on board and take a warm, freshwater shower, right on the dive deck, before being offered a delicious snack, such as cake or a fresh fruit smoothie. Where you live and where you dive is only a jump away!

Unlimited diving and unlimited bottom time are the two main doctrines that make the Ocean Hunter so unique. We promise that you can dive whenever you want- some guests have done as many as seven dives per day while others stick to two. There is great flexibility aboard Ocean Hunter because of the small number of people, so you can create dive profiles that suit your personal needs. 

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This is a sample itinerary. The Captain will have the final say of actual itinerary, based on weather and other factors.


Day 1: Pick up from your hotel at 10:30AM. You can get your gear ready and have lunch on board. 


  • First dive on Helmet Wreck (WWII Japanese ship which is easy to dive and you can check your gear and weights)
  • Ocean Hunter will then cross the lagoon to German Channel
  • Second dive at German Channel or Big Drop Off.
  • 7 PM Night dive
  • Dinner (can be moved before night dive at customer request on any day)


Days 2, 3 & 4: Wake up at 6:00-6: 30 AM with coffee, tea, and sweet rolls. The diving on these days will be at some of the following dive sites: German Channel, Big Drop Off, New Drop Off, Blue Holes, German wall, Barnum wall, Blue Corner, Virgin blue hole, Turtle Cove, Ngedebus coral gardens, Ngedebus wall, Fairyland, etc…


  • 7 AM First dive
  • 8:30 AM- Full breakfast
  • 10:00 AM- Second Dive
  • 12 noon- Lunch
  • 1:00 PM- Third Dive
  • 4:00 PM- Fourth Dive
  • 7 PM – Night Dive
  • Dinner


Day 5: Ocean Hunter moves to the Peleliu area and you’ll dive at the following dive sites; Peleliu Wall, Peleliu Corner, Peleliu Coral Garden, Orange Wall, Peleliu Expressway, White Beach, Yellow Wall, Peleliu Cut, etc.


For those who are interested, you can do a land tour on the island of Peleliu which was a major battlefield during WWII.


  • 7 AM First dive
  • 8:30 AM- Full breakfast
  • 10:00 AM- Second Dive
  • 12 noon- Lunch
  • 1:00 PM- Third Dive
  • 4:00 PM- Fourth Dive
  • 7 PM – Night dive
  • Dinner


Day 6: Return to Ngemelis area for another dive and then make our way to Jellyfish Lake (snorkeling and hiking) and then to on Ulong. Places that you can dive there are Ulong Channel, Siaes Tunnel, Siaes Corner and Shark City.


  • 7 AM First dive
  • 8:30 AM- Full breakfast
  • 10:00 AM- Second Dive
  • 12 noon- Lunch
  • 1:00-1: 30 PM- Third Dive
  • 4:00 PM- Fourth Dive
  • 7 PM – Night dive
  • Dinner


Day 7: A dive in the Ulong area and then as the vessel approaches Koror, a shipwreck dive (Iro or Chuyo Maru) and then Chandelier Cave. If time permits we can also offer a trip to Mandarinfish Lake. Arrive at the dock in the late afternoon. Guests can rinse their gear and start packing.


  • 7 AM First dive
  • 8:30 AM- Full breakfast
  • 10:00 AM- Second Dive
  • 12 noon- Lunch
  • 1:00 PM- Third Dive
  • 4:00 PM- Fourth Dive
  • Dinner


Day 8: Guests have breakfast at 7:00 AM and disembark Ocean Hunter at 8:00 AM. Transportation to the hotel or the airport is provided by the boat.

Deck Plans

Vessel Specifications

Name: Ocean Hunter I

Length: 115 ft / 36 m
Beam: 26 ft / 8.1 m
Draft: 8 ft / 2.5 m
Displacement: 250 tons
Construction: welded steel with teak work deck
Engines: twin GM 16V92 / 1200 total hp
Cruising Speed: 9.5 knots
Maximum Speed: 10 knots
Range: 3,500 nautical miles
Endurance: 30 days (limited by food supply)
Tenders: Two 24 ft heavy duty fiberglass dive boats, 17 ft rigid bottom inflatable
Portable Generators: GM 6-71 75kw, John Deere 105kw, Portable Generator 5kw
Available Voltage: 110/220 VAC
Fuel Tank: 20,000 US gallons (78 tons)
Water Tank: 15,000 gallons (60 tons) 1,800 gallons/day water maker
Two 25 person life-rafts.
Complete boat, crew, and passenger safety gear.
Firefighting system throughout the vessel.
Extensive first aid kit.
20 personal diver locator systems.
Scuba Compressors: 2 HP compressors, 1 nitrox generator
Scuba Tanks: 30 aluminum 80 cu/ft tanks, 2640 cu/ft high-pressure storage bank
Technical Diving:
Full oxygen, nitrox, and rebreather service.
Passengers must bring their own rebreathers.
3 GPS (Global Positioning Systems)
2 Radars (48 and 32 mile)
2 recording fathometers
Radio Direction Finder SIMRAD
2 VHF radios
3 handheld VHF radios
SSB radio (SEA 222)
Multi-system televisions, CD stereo, and DVD player.
Desktop Computer
Starlit Telephone
20 personal dive gearboxes, 20 personal camera lockers with stabilized and surge-protected 110v outlets.
Air conditioning throughout the vessel
12-ton deck mounted crane (55-ft reach).
33 ft by 24 ft (10.3m by 7.4 m) work deck space.
44 ft by 24-ft sundeck (1000 sq. ft.) and lounge chairs.
Fully equipped workshop with arc welding and oxy-acetylene cutting equipment/supplies.
Guest Accommodations:
For 20 guests 10 double/twin cabins, all with heads and showers.
Crew Accommodations:
For 14 crew members – 7 crew cabins and 3 crew heads.

Ocean Hunter

Optional Add On

Many people like to add an additional few days to their Palau vacation and visit the island of Yap. A short one hour flight brings you to what seems to be a whole different world. Yap is one of few places in the world that has resident Manta Rays! If you’re lucky enough to visit between December and April you should be able to see these magnificent animals doing their mating dances. Click here for more information on Yap!


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