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Pelagic Fleet is part of an adventure travel company, dedicated to protecting and exploring waters of Guadalupe Island, the Revillagigedo Archipelago (Socorro Islands) and Cabo San Lucas.

The best of big animal encounters are found on the Pelagic Fleet signature vessels, Solmar V and the newest and most luxurious liveaboard in the region, Socorro Vortex. These all inclusive scuba dive liveaboards travel to regions only accessible by boat, allowing divers to experience the underwater world without the crowds often found with day boat diving.

Book Your Ultimate Liveaboard Dive Vacation Aboard The Pelagic Fleet signature vessels, Solmar V and the newest and most luxurious liveaboard in the region, Socorro Vortex.

Availability- November to June
Duration- 9 or 11 day trips
Departure Point- Fly in/out of Cabo San Lucas 
Day 1- Embark & crossing to San Benedicto 
Day 2- Checkup dive at San Benedicto 
Day 3- 4 dives in San Benedicto
Day 4- 3 dives in Roca Partida
Day 5- 3 dives in Roca Partida 
Day 6- 4 dives in Socorro
Day 7- 4 dives in San Benedicto
Day 8- Crossing, arrive at the marina late evening
Day 9- Disembark, checkout by 9am

Availability- August to October
Duration- 5 Days
Departure Point- Fly to San Diego or Tijuana
Day 1- Shark Shuttle to Ensenada, embark and start crossing to Guadalupe Islands
Day 2- Cage Diving
Day 3- Cage Diving
Day 4- Cage Diving, crossing back to Ensenada
Day 5- Disembark, Shark Shuttle back to San Diego or Tijuana.

At 140 feet, this former Canadian Coast Guard vessel was built for adventure and hardcore worldwide expeditions. Everything on the Vortex has been custom made and handpicked to meet the highest standards.


Name: Vortex
Year built: 2017

Length: 140 Feet
Top speed: 21 knots
Cruising speed: 16 knots
Engines: 2 x MTu 12V4000 2750 hp @2100 rpm
Max guests:14
Number of cabins: 7

Number of bathrooms: 7
Tenders: 2 x 22 ft Zodiacs


Traditional strong steel hull with wood interiors, the Solmar V is a classic. A 112ft diving and exploration vessel with the best and most experienced crew Mexico has to offer.
Name: Solmar V
Year built: 1980
Year renovated: 2006
Length: 112 feet
Top speed: 12 knots
Cruising speed: 10 knots
Engines: 2
Max guests: 22
Number of cabins: 12
Number of bathrooms: 13
Tenders: 2 x 21' achilles w/60 HP Mercury
Water capacity: 2 x 1600 gallons per day
Fuel capacity: 30,000
Freshwater maker: 2 x 1600 gallons per day

Pelagic Fleet
Pelagic Fleet

Socorro Vortex

Once used for the Canadian Coastguard, Socorro Vortex, now serves as a luxury SCUBA diving liveaboard, running expeditions to Guadalupe and Socorro Islands.

Built by divers and for divers, this 140 ft vessel delights up to 14 guests, over 7 air-conditioned cabins with en-suites. All the comforts of home are found with spacious lounging areas, and free high speed internet. The onboard heli-pad and free use of Nitrox round out their commitment to safety. No detail was overlooked and this all-inclusive liveaboard combines the sophistication and level of service to the standards of a luxury cruise, along with all the components needed to run technical SCUBA diving expeditions. 

Solmar V

Journey to Socorro or Guadalupe Islands with Mexico’s most experienced crew! Solamar V’s classic and sophisticated design, matched by the dedication of the crew, deliver top notch service aboard this 112 ft., all-inclusive SCUBA diving liveaboard.   

12 cabins accommodate a maximum of 22 guest, each equipped with air conditioning and en-suite bathrooms. Photographers have plenty of room on the spacious dive deck, with a designated camera table and rinse bins. The large sundeck offers moments to relax in the sun or unwind after a day of diving in the indoor lounge, fully equipped with entertainment center and media library.

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Pelagic Fleet

Most frequent questions and answers

November through June. For specific water conditions and marine life encounters, please go to the individual destination page by using the drop down destination menu at the top of any page.

August through October. For specific water conditions and marine life encounters, please go to the individual destination page by using the drop down destination menu at the top of any page.

Once our guests arrive on the boat they will be assigned their room and dive station.  They will then remove their dive gear from their dive bags and put it in their assigned dive station.  They will also unpack their dry clothes and toiletries in their rooms.  Both their dive bag and luggage will be stored in our dry storage area throughout the remainder of the trip. The boat departs harbor at 7:00PM.
The boat will arrive at the first dive site around 4:00PM on the next day, and our guests will have the opportunity to do 1 or 2 dives the first day at the Socorro Islands.  Every day after that we schedule 4 dives per day.  The only exception to that is when we dive Roca Partida because the diving at this location is deeper and, therefore, we limit the diving to 3 dives for safety considerations.  We cannot give you a more specific diving schedule because the captain goes where diving conditions are best, but under normal conditions, each 9 to 11 day trip includes 5 to 7 1/2 days of diving and the opportunity to do about 20-22 to 27-29 dives.  After the last full day of diving at the Socorro Islands and after the last dive of the day we start our return back to harbor.  The boat returns to harbor around 8:00PM or 9:00PM and our guests will spend their last night on the boat in the harbor.
After breakfast on the last date of the trip, our guests will disembark the boat by no later than 9:00AM. 

Socorro Vortex is a 140ft Canadian Coast Guard Vessel built for adventure and world-wide hardcore expeditions for the discerning diver, with all the state of the art technology and amenities you would expect from a luxury liveaboard. Our Master Suite has 1 California King Size Bed, our two Junior Suites have either 1 King Bed or 2 Single Beds, and our four Luxury Staterooms have either 1 King Bed or 2 Single Beds (two of our Luxury Staterooms have 2 Single Beds Only). All cabins feature a TV, air conditioning with individual controls, a private bathroom, sink, and shower plus top-of-the-line mattresses, pillows, and comforters.

  1. All children under the age of 15 must travel and dive with their parent or guardian, unless undergoing active training with an instructor. Minors must be accompanied onboard by a guardian at all times.
  2. This itinerary offers no diving opportunities at depths less than 40 feet; diving opportunities for 10 and 11-year olds are not available on this itinerary, and 12-14-year olds will not be able to dive all sites. For this reason, a minimum age of 15 for divers is strongly suggested.
  3. A parent/legal guardian will be required to sign the liability release on behalf of a child under the age of 18.

Dive Insurance is mandatory for all trips to Socorro Islands and you will be asked to show proof of insurance prior to the trip. On Guadalupe Island trips, Dive Insurance is required to dive in the submersible cage. For all travelers, we strongly recommend Travel Insurance. 

Socorro Islands Trips are recommended for divers with a minimum of 50 logged dives. And for Socorro Vortex, we also recommend that all guests are reasonably fit that they can embark and disembark onto pangas from liveaboard (without gear) for safety concerns.
If guests with less than 50 logged dives would still like to join our Socorro Island Trips, there is always the option for a Private Dive Guide, pending availability (please inquire with our reservations & sales team). And as always, it is at the Captain and Crew’s discretion to reserve the right to refuse any guest to participate in certain dives that may be beyond the experience level required.

On all live-aboard dive trips, packed clothing should be kept to a minimum as cabin space is usually limited. You will be in your swimsuit most of the trip and shorts and t-shirts are the common dress. We ask that you appear at all meals in dry clothes, as all meals are sit-down in the main salon. At Socorro, daytime temps will be in the 70’s or 80’s and we can have cooler evenings here so one pair of sweat pants, and a Polartec, sweatshirt or sweater is a good idea. Be sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen.

The ocean temps at Socorro usually range from 78F-82F in November, 70F-74F in Feb/March and then 76F–80F in April to June. Depending on what time of year you join us for the Socorro trips, we’d recommend 5mm in the warmer months, and a 5/7mm or a 7mm in the cooler months. Some of our guests also pack a light vest and hood or a vest with an attached hood in case we run into thermoclines during the cooler months.
The water temp averages 65F-70F so be sure to pack your gloves, hood, and booties plus either a 7mm full wetsuit or a drysuit. Guests rotate in and out of the shark cages every hour and you are not swimming at all so you might get chilly and should plan accordingly.

For the Guadalupe Island trips, you will be breathing from a surface supplied air source or hookah. Since you will not be using SCUBA, you do not need a SCUBA certification to join our Guadalupe Island trips and participate in the surface cage diving. This also means that you can invite your family and friends who want to join your adventures but are not SCUBA Certified! We only require SCUBA certification for guests who would like to go into the submersible cage. If this applies to you, be sure to bring your SCUBA Certification card or you will not be permitted in the submersible cage – NO exceptions!

Our state-of-the-art Nitrox membrane system fills to 32-34% and is complementary to all customers. Socorro Vortex is a NITROX ONLY vessel for the comfort and safety of our customers. Proof of Nitrox certification is required.
If you are not currently Nitrox certified, they offer Nitrox Certification on board at $235.00 (USD) per person.
Solmar V:
SOLMAR V has a state-of-the-art titanium Nitrox membrane system installed and serviced by Nitrox Technologies. The charge for Nitrox is $150 per diver per trip for our regular 9 day trips, longer trips may cost extra. The charge for the PADI EAD Nitrox certification course is $235 plus $85 to dive Nitrox for the remainder of your trip.

We must be doing something right because we get consistent rave reviews for the gourmet cuisine aboard Vortex. Our menus vary and feature a combination of American and Mexican cuisine, using fresh, locally grown ingredients as much as possible. We offer a variety of cooked-to-order choices for breakfast and you can always count on fresh tropical fruit platters, icy cold fruit juice, yogurt, pastries, an assortment of cereals, teas and fresh-brewed and very strong, Mexican-style coffee. Vortex is one of the few luxury liveaboards that serves a three-course meal for lunch. Ours always begins with a fresh, homemade soup (our chef, Tony, is famous for his soups!), followed by a main course and then a delicious dessert. After an afternoon snack and cocktails (watch out for the margaritas!), you’ll be ready for your relaxing dinner aboard Vortex. We begin with a fresh salad, then either chicken or fresh fish or beef, always a fresh vegetable or two followed by another decadent dessert. All beverages, including beer and wine with your meals, are included. Since alcohol and diving don’t mix, be prepared to snorkel for the remainder of the day if you choose to drink alcohol before dive ops have closed for the day. Our chef prepares delicious snacks in the mornings and afternoons and especially takes pride in his fresh, Mexican-style hot chocolate. We always have available fresh fruit, cold fruit juices, sodas, fresh-brewed coffee, and both hot tea and iced tea. We can easily accommodate any special requests such as food allergies, a vegetarian menu, heavy on the fresh salads, etc if you inform us of your needs at least two weeks before your trip. We understand that a liveaboard experience is eat-sleep-and-dive and we do our very best to ensure that each of these experiences aboard Vortex is memorable for you.

Although we discourage smoking for reasons we’re all aware of at this point, we understand that some guests are still wrestling with it, so we allow smoking on the sundeck only. We ask that our smoking guests be considerate of our non-smoking guests. You’re outnumbered!

We ask for a local chamber donation of $15.00 USD, payable onboard in cash only. The following is a list of other expenses you may want to factor into your planning:
Rental Gear, Nitrox, Nitrox Course – Cash or Credit Card
Gratuity – Cash only
Souvenirs – Cash or Credit Card
Credit Cards are charged in Mexican currency peso; Cash accepted in USD and pesos.
Vortex Guadalupe Island rate includes transportation via luxury motor coach to Ensenada. For passengers crossing the US / Mexico border through Customs, if you are planning to be in Mexico for 7 days or more, you will be required to pay a fee of $28 USD at the border (as of March, 2019). However, since our trips are 5 days, most of our guests will not be required to pay this fee; this would only apply if your itinerary involves disembarking and NOT returning to the US with the remainder of the group (for example driving down to Cabo San Lucas, or going on back-to-back Guadalupe trips!).
We sell Vortex t-shirts, caps and other mementos onboard which can be paid for in cash (USD or pesos) or credit card (which will be charged in pesos). 

While we feel that gratuity is a very personal decision and should reflect the level of service you receive, we are often asked to provide guidelines. Your Captain and Crew are extremely hardworking and committed to providing you the best service possible. Gratuity of 10-15% the published rate of your trip is customary and deeply appreciated, and is accepted in Cash only.

Onboard voltage is 110 AC, just like in the United States. We also have a number of 220 charging stations for our overseas guests.

The crossing to and from Socorro (The Revillagigedos Islands) from Cabo San Lucas takes about 22-24 hours, depending on weather conditions. Although most of the crossings are in fairly calm seas, we are crossing in open ocean conditions so precaution against motion sickness is advised. We have sometimes experienced rough seas heading uphill from Socorro to Cabo.
The crossing from Ensenada, Mexico to Guadalupe Island is around 16-18 hours and the same advisory applies.
The Vortex communicates twice daily with either our Mexican home base or U.S. Office by Satellite Phone. Although we discourage conducting business while out on your Vortex expedition, we realize that sometimes it is necessary to communicate with your office or home. Guests are welcome to use our phone system and will be assisted by our captain. Your call will be charged at Satellite minute rates ranging from $4 – $5 U.S. dollars per minute. Remember our phone and email system is primarily for boat operations and emergency use. We encourage our guests to detach and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime by leaving your worries at home.
Included in the price of your Socorro Islands trip are all port fees, fuel surcharges, and National Park fees. Also included are: complimentary transfer from the Host Hotel to the Vortex on day of departure, your accommodations, all meals and snacks, all beverages including beer and wine, a certified divemaster in the water at all times, tanks, weights, weight belts, and air fills.
Included in the rate of your Guadalupe trip are: round-trip transportation via luxury motor coach from San Diego, California  (or Tijuana, Mexico) to Ensenada, Mexico. All port fees, fuel surcharges, National Park fees, accommodations, all meals and snacks, and all beverages including beer and wine.
Our crew is our strength and we consider them all family. The Vortex crew has worked together for many, many years and each crew member contributes something unique and necessary to your trip. We have a permanent crew of 10 that consists of the captain, engineer, chef, cabin steward, 3 divemasters and 3 pangeros/ deckhands. We are exceptionally proud of the hardworking, talented and seamless crew aboard Vortex and we can assure you that their team effort will provide you with the most excellent service anywhere


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