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When it comes to dive trips…Little Cayman should absolutely be at the top of your list. Little Cayman provides a flourishing and exuberant experience difficult to find elsewhere. The island is known for the Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park, a spectacular reef and drop-off that plummets over 5,000 feet below sea level where divers can see native stingrays, turtles, beach resort and even sharks up close. Although this island is smaller, the diving opportunities are plentiful. With year-round tropical waters and lots of marine life, divers of all skill levels will enjoy Little Cayman. 

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What to See While Diving in Little Cayman

Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park

With its year-round warm waters and abundant marine life, Bloody Bay Wall is one of the most gorgeous drop-offs in the Caribbean. No matter how many times you’ve dived this spot, Bloody Bay Wall will always provide a memorable experience. The vertical drop-off is teeming with colorful reef fish including a variety of angelfish, parrotfish, anthias, and surgeonfish. Within the nooks and crannies of the wall, especially around Three Fathom Wall, find moray eels, lobsters and crabs as well as squirrelfish and blennies. You are also likely to encounter large Nassau grouper, which like to roam the walls around Marilyn’s Cut. Looking out into the blue, you might spot Caribbean reef sharks, sea turtles, and the occasional blacktip reef shark.

Blacktip Boulevard

Named for the Blacktip sharks, but you are likely to see Caribbean reef sharks and eagle rays. A manta ray has also been seen cruising the blue at this site. Look into the deep crevices and come face to face with big-eyed squirrelfish, lobsters and a variety of blennies and gobies. Huge barrel sponges dwarf divers as they glide by. In the sand, look out for the tiny garden eels that retreat into their sand burrows as you approach.

The Meadows

If you’re more interested in a shallow site, The Meadows is extremely popular due to the array of coral and marine life. Keep a lookout for southern stingrays, conch, garden eels, razorfish, and a maze of beautifully encrusted coral heads. For those who prefer deep dives, the wall is a few kicks away through some short swim-throughs and out into the amphitheater, which is a large natural part of the wall. Keep an eye out for sharks as they love this area!

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Resorts in Little Cayman

Little Cayman Beach Resort

Little Cayman Beach Resort is located on the smallest of the Cayman Islands. Little Cayman is the most remote and offers some of the best scuba diving in the Caribbean. Great wall diving in a luxury setting on a remote island is perfect for the diver that needs to “Get Away”. Don’t miss the famous Bloody Bay Wall. Amenities include Air-conditioning, ceiling fan, satellite TV, private baths, pool, Jacuzzi, spa and the cabana bar.

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