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When it comes to scuba diving trips few are as exciting as diving Saba. Known as The Unspoiled Queen, Saba is a lesser-known island with a huge upside. The Saba Marine Park protects a large portion of the island’s reefs and marine life, and the volcanic island itself is shaped by the fiery eruptions from the crust below. The island’s unique igneous structure sets it apart from other diving ventures in both its biodiversity and cragged features.

Saba Dive Vacation Packages, Liveaboards and Resorts

The Unspoiled Queen is the name Saba is known by. This tiny island nation looks like a mountaintop jutting up from the ocean floor up to 2910 feet high. This dormant volcano is adorned with tropical vegetation and home to only 1400 people. The ambience is friendly, relaxing, fresh and addicting. So is the pace of the people who live there. Sea Saba is a fixture on Saba and has been offering their expertise on the best dives in the Marine Park for many years. Their personal attention to detail and professionalism has earned them the outstanding reputation they are known for.

Liveaboards In Saba

A liveaboard trip to Saba allows you take an even more exclusive look at the Saba Marine Park, a protected area that covers much of the coast. This beautiful volcanic island is littered with hot springs and formations that reflect its fiery origins. The liveaboard experience allows you to dive several islands and see even more of the extraordinary sites Saba has to offer beyond the surface. Sharks, seahorses, rays, turtles, and crustaceans aplenty can be seen from all over the islands.

The M/V Caribbean Explorer II comfortably accommodates 18 scuba divers in 9 double staterooms, all of which have private bathroom facilities and most of which have queen-sized beds. The semi-enclosed, air-conditioned salon on the upper deck includes dining tables, TV, VCR, CD/DVD, video library, light table and lounge area; a large sundeck with lounge chairs is aft of the main salon.

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