Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Dive Resort is located on Kri Island in Raja Ampat, offering comfort and relaxation to divers. The resort has seven cottages that are modeled after traditional villages. The material used to design the bungalows comes from the local environment and allows easy blending with the surroundings. Each room is spacious and features modern amenities, including air conditioning and a camera workstation room.

Facilities available at Sorido Bay Dive Resort include a library, internet access, a bar, restaurant, sun deck and wet lounge, gift shop, and WiFi access in every room. For local tours, make a booking for activities such as hiking, island hopping, and red bird viewing.

Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Dive Resort is a private resort and is available throughout the year. Transportation is about an hour and a half by speed boat. Over 374 different species of fish have been recorded in a house reef dive. The climate favors diving and snorkeling activities throughout the year, with over 50 dive centers available for exploration, each offering a 10 km range.

The resort offers eight fiberglass boats crafted by the locals. Each boat accommodates six divers and two experienced guides. The resorts provide two-morning dives and one afternoon dive. Divers can book the ultimate diving experience from the jetty upon request. It’s possible to request a half or a full day trip, night dives, and extended visits to Passage and Manta encounter areas, and Fam Island.

Whether diving or snorkeling, divers will encounter many fish and marine life on the coral reefs. The resort offers NITROX as a complimentary for qualified divers. Likewise, PADI freediving courses are available.

Sorido Bay Dive Resort is available throughout the year. However, summer months bring more wind, but it is recommended, as it offers better visibility than other times of the year. The water temperature averages about 28-degrees Celsius and divers wear a 3mm wetsuit. Visibility ranges from 15 to 30 minutes.


Deeply rooted in its local settings, Kri Island is an integral part of Sorido Bay. It is around and within it – whether in the form of materials in the bungalows, resources in the kitchen or brightening your day with an original Papuan smile that stays with you years after.


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