Ultimate Dive Travel: Navigating Divers to the World’s Best Dive Sites


Navigating Divers to the World’s Best Dive Sites

Do you spend your days in the lull of a daydream—imagining the ocean spray on your face, the thrill of deep sea diving, and the diverse underwater topographies waiting to be explored? Before jet setting off to a tropical paradise, consider the benefits of using Ultimate Dive Travel as your number one source for scuba diving holidays.

At Ultimate Dive Travel, our mission is to navigate divers through the entire process of booking their ideal trip—from negotiating the best available travel deals to eliminating the stress of finding a secure, scuba-certified accommodation. By booking with us, our customers do not have the hassle of trying to strike a bargain, nor do they have to worry about being misled, taken advantage of, or being the victim of travel fraud. We take care of the whole process, from finding the best resorts to landing discounts and providing topnotch travel insurance.

With 20 years in the dive business, Ultimate Dive Travel works directly with the world’s top diving resorts, as well as local dive operators and outfits. We take great pride in providing extensive product and destination information, so we can give you all possible options to make the trip a success. As a fully licensed dive travel agency, we can show you the natural and cultural wonders of the underwater world. Our team caters to the specific needs of each individual customer—organizing dive safaris in Central & South America, epic muck diving in Indonesia, wreck diving off the coast of Chuuk, and every other dive adventure you could dream of.

As passionate divers ourselves, we understand the importance of choosing the best dive site for you. So, of course we test out every dive resort, liveaboard and travel package that we promote on our site to ensure better-than-best quality. We let you in on the best deals and help you make the best choices when it comes to your dive experience, preference and budget.

It’s time you turned your diving daydreams into reality. Book through Ultimate Dive Travel—receive expert advice; access to the hottest diving deals; and most importantly, get the trip of a lifetime.