Coralia is a liveaboard that is committed to creating sustainable and unforgettable human-nature experiences while conserving the oceans we cruise in and developing the local communities we work with.  As a classic Phinisi, it was built in Bira, Sulawesi by the Konjo tribe, who have been building cargo ships for centuries. Blending ancient techniques and wisdom with modern design and safety features, Coralia is one of the few Phinisi equipped with two engines.

Coralia is a project by Papua Explorers, who are renowned for exceptional service quality and commitment to protecting the nature while developing local communities in Raja Ampat.

Accordingly, they use reef friendly laundry detergent and bathroom amenities, biodegradable garbage bags, avoid the usage of single-use plastic and make a point of employing and training locals on as many jobs as possible. 


NAME: Coralia 
BUILT: 2018
LENGTH: 158 Ft
BEAM: 30 Ft
DRAFT: 12 Ft
ENGINES: 2 Mitsubishi Marine Engines 560HP&360HP
ELECTRONIC APPLIANCES: Radar 35 MM Furuno, echo sounder Furuno, GPS Furuno, WHS SSB Radio, Ericsson satellite phone.
CRUISING SPEED: 9 -11 knots
3 * 20 persons inflatable life rafts, life jackets (40 pcs), buoys, safety flares, smoke detectors in each cabin, fire extinguishers, first aids equipment, oxygen onboard, Nautilus LifeLine
DIESEL GENERATORS: 1 * Yanmar Marine 60 KW ~ 1 * Yanmar Silent 40 KW
AVAILABLE VOLTAGE: 220 Volt, 50 Hertz avalaible for cabins & camera room
WATER TANK: 10,000 liter + desalination unit (capacity 10,000 liters per day)
FUEL TANK: 15 tons
SCUBA TANKS: 40 * 11 liters tanks. 4 * 15 liters tanks
COMPRESSORS: 2 Bauer Mariner, NRC Nitrox membrane
TENDERS: 2 X 8m fiberglass dinghies with 2 Yamaha 40HP outboard engines
CREW: 16 crew and 2 cruise directors

Coralia liveaboard

Coralia liveaboards Diving itineraries...

Coralia offers 12 different itineraries throughout the year that highlight the best Indonesia has to offer. Trips are between 7 and 12 nights.  Have a look at the itineraries offered below, and give us a call or email us and we can talk about them in detail.

Raja Ampat (Misool & Dampier Strait)- 7 nights
Raja Ampat (Dampier Strait & Wayah- 7 nights
Komodo- 8 nights 
Alor-10 nights
Lembeh & South Halmahera- 10 nights
Komodo, Maumere, Alor- 11 nights
Maumere, Alor & Forgotten Islands- 11 nights
Forgotten Islands, Banda & Ambon- 11 nights
Ambon, Banda Islands & Raja Ampat- 11 nights
Raja Ampat, Misool, Dampier Strait, Wayag- 11 nights
Raja Ampat, South Halmahera & Lembeh- 11 nights 
South Halmahera & Raja Ampat- 12 nights


The eight spacious cabins, designed by internationally renowned Deirdre Renniers, offer modern comfort and style while incorporating traditional details. Each non-smoking cabin is air-conditioned and has a spacious private bathroom with warm freshwater showers, towels, and hairdryer. Environmentally friendly natural soap and shower amenities are provided free of charge. In the cabin itself, you will find cozy beds, a sofa, a working desk, and a closet. Additionally, a safety box, regular and USB charging stations provide further comfort.

The four luxurious master cabins on the main and upper deck each feature a private balcony with a sun chair and outside sofa where you can indulge in the tropical scenery and never miss a sunrise or sunset.

With Coralia’s length of 158 feet, her decks are spacious and offer plenty of spots to enjoy the view, dine, sunbathe, or simply relax. The sun deck is at the very top, and both the airy main and upper deck features outside dining and plenty of cozy sofas and loungers. Coralia also has an air-conditioned lounge, a restaurant on the main deck, audio/video entertainment, and free WiFi.

Papua Explorers Resort

Some itineraries start or end at the Papua Explorers resort. Why not add a few days to your trip and stay at this idyllic property. 

Papua Explorers Dive Resort is located in the heart of Raja Ampat  The famous scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Raja Ampat are within 10 to 30 minutes from Papua Explorers Dive Resort. The resort faces the Dampier Strait and is built on a jungle-clad peninsula attracting birds and wild animals. 

Papua Explorers Resort is constructed using traditional Papuan construction methods and local, natural materials. The water bungalows are designed to be in perfect harmony with the exotic surrounding, allowing the guests to feel the breeze from the rainforests, enjoy the songs of the tropical birds and soothe their souls with the flutter of the waves. The 3200 sq ft, over-the- sea restaurant and lounge is designed to offer a relaxing environment to enjoy various international and local dishes freshly prepared in our restaurant and to refresh and relax between the dives.

Ask us about adding a few nights at this resort before or after your liveaboard dive trip!

Coralia FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
It depends on the destination of your Coralia cruise. Please find below the guidelines for flights depending on the port of embarkation/disembarkation: 
Raja Ampat – Sorong airport (SOQ): For cruises departing from Sorong, your flight should land in Sorong airport 2:00pm at the latest, but earlier is also fine. 
For cruises ending in Sorong, your flight departure can be anytime on disembarking day. However, we have some exceptions where cruises end at Papua Explorers. In those cases, the earliest possible flight departure time is 11:00am or later.
Ambon (AMQ), Maumere (MOF), Labuanbajo (LBJ), Bima (BMU), Saumlaki (SXK): For cruises starting out from the above-mentioned destinations, your flight arrival can be anytime on embarking day, and on disembarking day your flight can depart any time. 
Bali (DPS): For cruises starting from Bali your flight should land in Denpasar by 10:00am or earlier. For cruises ending in Bali, we recommend to book flights departing Denpasar in the late afternoon or evening only
The Coralia team will pick you up at the airport of the port of embarkation and assist you to Coralia. On the way back, our team will equally assist you from Coralia to the airport of disembarkation.
This depends on the destination of your cruise. Generally, Indonesia has a tropical and humid climate. Tropical rain showers are always possible, but we aligned our cruise schedule with the general weather patterns in different areas of Indonesia, in order to avoid being in bad weather for longer periods as much as possible. At sea, it can be windy sometimes, so if you are sensitive to wind, it’s a good idea to bring a light wind jacket along. 
Raja Ampat: The water temperature is around 28-29 °C (82-84 °F) throughout the year. At some depths at certain dive sites there can be thermoclines where the temperature goes down to 26/27 °C (80/81 °F), but not frequently. Most guests use a 3mm wetsuit. Some guests who get cold easily use 5mm, but others use rash guards only. 
Komodo: In the north and central parts, the water temperature is usually 27-29 °C (81-84 °F). In the south, it is usually a few degrees cooler and we can experience thermoclines down to 23-24 °C (73-75 °F). 
Alor / Maumere: Cruises around Maumere and Alor usually experience water temperatures of 27-29 °C (81-84 °F). In and around the Pantar Strait, Pura Island and Kalabahi Bay on Alor Island the temperature can drop a few degrees to 23-25 °C (73-77 °F) and you might even experience cooler temperatures of 19- 20 °C (66-68 °F) if the currents are bringing the cold water from the south. On cruises that pass through Alor, we would be doing only 5-6 dives in this cooler water. 
Forgotten Islands, Banda & Ambon: The water temperature is usually between 27-29 °C (81-84 °F) all year round. Some dives sites can experience thermoclines a few degrees cooler.
On embarking day, you will be greeted by our team and get time to settle in, prepare your gear, and relax from your travels. Our cruise directors will also give you an orientation about the amenities on board, the safety features and procedures, and the cruise itinerary. Typically, we use the afternoon and night to make our way to the first dive destination. So the first dive will be the next morning. 
The last two dives will be on the morning of the day before the disembarking day. We use the afternoon and night to make our way back into port so that on disembarking day we are there in time for your departure flight. This may vary a bit depending on the port of disembarkation.
All payments onboard (for extra drinks, massages, etc.) need to be settled in cash on checkout. We accept the following currencies on board: USD, Euro & Indonesian Rupiah.
Gratuities for the crew are not included in your trip price. If you appreciate the service provided by the crew, we suggest a gratuity of approximately 10%-15% of the published package price per person, which is considered the standard amount aboard a dive liveaboard. All tips are split equally among the boat’s crew (around 22 employees). We do not encourage personal tipping. The giving of gratuities can be done in cash.
We dive in small groups with one dive guide accompanying four guests. Our dive team consists of our four PADI certified local dive guides who are managed by our two experienced cruise directors, who are also PADI instructors.
On the previous evening, our cruise directors will have outlined the plan for the next day, where to go, when to get up and what’s gonna happen. Sometimes they might have to adjust it a bit if conditions change. 
In the morning you’ll hear a knock on your door to let you know it’s time for the small breakfast. After a small breakfast the briefing for the first dive will be done in the restaurant before you go to the dive deck and get your things ready (wetsuit, dive computer, camera…). The rest of your dive gear will be waiting for you in the tender. A short tender ride will bring you to the first dive site. The guides will check the current and maybe modify the dive plan a bit, if necessary. And then it’s time to hop in and enjoy the dive! Later, the tender will pick you up and bring you back on board for some dry towels and the next meal. From then on it is “eat, dive, relax, and repeat”. 
Depending on the itinerary we will offer 3 or 4 dives on one day. The 4th dive might be a night dive or a sunset dive, depending on what works best at the current place where you’re at. On some days we might have a little land excursion visiting a nice viewpoint or another point of interest, depending on the cruise destination.
 On dive sites where currents are expected, our dive guides check the current direction and strength before the divers get in the water and change the dive plan or site in case they deem the current not manageable. Before each dive, you will also get a detailed briefing about the dive sites and the recommendations in case of currents. Some dive sites may be dived as drift-dives, for others we would use a zig-zag pattern, and on yet others, we might (carefully) use reef hooks to keep us in place. Some dive sites might not have any current at all. 
Generally, we ease all divers into the currents by starting the cruise with sites that get mild currents, when possible. If you haven’t dived for 2 years or longer, we would recommend getting a refresher course to ease you back into scuba diving. We would also strongly recommend the Advanced Open Water Diver Course as it would enable you to dive to a bigger range of dive sites and maintain a perfect buoyancy to protect the pristine coral and marine life here.
Yes, Nitrox is available and free of charge aboard Coralia. Please don’t forget to bring along your Nitrox certification card.
Can I get a larger tank? Our standard tanks are 12-litre aluminum, and we can cater for DIN as well as INT regulators. A limited number of 15-liter tanks are available upon request against a small surcharge. Please let us know well in advance, in case you would like to rent a large tank.
Underwater photographers are well-catered for, with a dedicated air-conditioned camera room on the main deck, providing individual camera stations for charging, extra towels and lighting. There is also a rinse tank inside the camera room and an air gun for drying cameras.
No! All dives are planned and executed without deco stops and it is mandatory for all divers to use a dive computer. The costs for treatment and transportation to a hyperbaric chamber can be extremely high in case of an emergency.
We provide free of charge WiFi for our guests onboard, depending on the local cell phone reception. The signal strength varies depending on the coverage at the area where Coralia is currently cruising.
The power sockets are 2 round pin European type sockets. In each cabin, there are also USB charging stations and an extension with plug sockets that accept plugs from any country. All electricity onboard is 220V.


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