Scuba Diving in Costa Rica

Scuba Diving Vacations to Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s scuba diving locations immerse you in a world with reefs teeming in biodiversity and blue water dives filled with a variety of oceanic pelagic fish, such as dolphins, rays, whales and multiple species of sharks. The water temperature stays warm all year, and both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean offers underwater exploration to divers of all levels of experience. Liveaboard trips for the experienced SCUBA diver can be found in the remote waters surrounding Cocos Island. Up-close encounters with scalloped hammerheads and blue water diving offer for more challenging conditions for those seeking heart-pounding action. Costa Rica offers as much diversity above the water as below. Be sure to take advantage of the endless array of adventure this country offers. Enjoy our selection of scuba diving packages, scuba dive resorts, and luxury liveaboards in Costa Rica with your family or friends. Contact Ultimate Dive Travel for a custom Costa Rica dive package built to suit your needs!

Scuba Dive Resorts in Costa Rica

Atop a sun bathed hill on the north Pacific coast sits Villas Sol Hotel and Beach Resort. The all-inclusive resort offers a combination of comfort and amenities that make your stay a complete experience. Standard rooms and villas align the idyllic beauty and crystal clear waters of Hermosa Beach.

Liveaboards & Scuba Dive Trips in Costa Rica & Cocos Islands

MV Argo Liveaboard is a rare combination of work ship and luxury yacht. Built to pamper eighteen passengers nine, spacious, well-appointed staterooms. She is a 130-foot vessel (40 meters) with a full global reach. Fourteen well-seasoned crew look after the liveaboard, the projects and the guest’s every need. MV Argo was conceived of to serve as the ultimate platform for a deep diving submersible as well as for remote operating vehicle (R.O.V.) deployment. She offers heavy lift capabilities, stability and ample deck space for any chore imaginable. Extended, multi-task cruses are our forte.

The MV Sea Hunter SCUBA diving liveaboard is 115-feet of pure comfort and stability. This all-inclusive dive trip offers everything a serious diver and photographer could wish for. Specializing in providing excellence in service, world class cuisine, non-stop underwater excitement and breathtaking beauty above the surface, the well seasoned crew of MV Argo will ensure your “once in a lifetime” SCUBA dive trip to Cocos Island will be exceptional from start to finish. 

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