Damai II

Damai II

Damai II is the 2nd boat built for the Demai Fleet. The 130 foot traditional Phinisi liveaboard dive boat was locally built and launched in 20011. The boat was designed to offer an amazing diving experience while onboard and a dedicated staff to provide fantastic service. While onboard you will enjoy Damai II’s all inclusive service which includes spa treatments through Damai II’s signature service. Cabins onboard are spacious, have modern designs, and include their own ensuite with 110v & 220v charging stations. There’s never a shortage of food onboard with the chef preparing both western and Indonesian cuisine. Special dietary requirements can be accommodated for if notice is given in advance. 

Staff onboard are highly trained and go above and beyond to make your liveaboard dive trip memorable. Damai II offers a divemaster to diver ratio of 4:1, which means you’ll get exceptional service above and below the water. The dive deck is spacious and even has individual rinse tanks! A camera room and camera work station is also found onboard. You’ll find plenty of space to stretch out and relax after your dives on one of the 3 leisure decks. 

Damai II’s itinerary schedule is set up to follow the Indonesian seasons ensuring you are in the best weather for the time of year! With only 7 cabins this is a great boat to book as an individual or as a yacht for charter with a group of friends.


Damai II offers a variety of Indonesian itineraries ranging from 7 to 12 nights. The Damai II liveaboard cruises famous Komodo Island, Forgotten Islands, Raja Ampat, and Alor. Raja Ampat represents 75% of world marine life. There are numerous coral species, and divers can swim with mantas and turtles and wobbegongs sharks. Of course, Komodo island is well known for its Komodo Dragons.

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Deck Plans

Vessel Specifications
Name: Damai II
Built: 2011 Tanjung Bira, South Sulawesi
Length: 130 feet
Beam: 28 feet
Main Engine: 1x Mitsubishi 10M20-OA – 640 Hp serial
Gear Box: Twin Disc type: MGH 56 BLX-1
Auxiliary Engine: 2x Mitsubishi 6D14 Generator 60 Kva, 1 x Yanmar 4TNV98T SILENT Generator 40 KVa (2015)
1 unit Dive Compressor Poseidon PE-200
1 unit Dive Compressor Alkin C.A.T.230
2 unit Nitrox type Atlas Copco
Navigation Equipment:
Echo sounder & GPS plotter – GP 1650F
Radar FURUNO (36NM) – F1832
Standard Compass – Toyo Keiki
HV Radio – Furuno M 710
VHF Radio -2 units – Furuno M 304
Electronic Chart – Max Sea(ver 10.02)
Fire Fighting Equipment:
Fire man out Fit with breathing apparatus. – 2 unit 
CO2 portable (6Kg) – 6 unit
CO2 portable (4Kg) – 2 unit
Foam portable (9Kg) – 4 unit
Bompet (foam automatic applicator) – 7 unit
Fix Hydrant with hose and nozzle – 2 unit
Fuel tanks – 4 units @ 5000 ltrs capacity
Fresh water tank – 1 unit @ 10.000 ltr capacity
Fuel daily tank – 1 unit @ 1.000 ltr capacity
Gray tank – 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity
Black tank – 1 unit @ 600 ltr capacity
Safety Equipment:
Life Raft (Capacity 20 persons) – 3 unit
Life Jacket – 35 unit
Throwing line Apparatus – 1 set
Flares – 2 set
EPIRB – 1 unit
Life Ring – 8 unit
MOB beacon. – 2 unit
Max Guests: 12
Damai I
Damai I


Alor liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular and untouched coral reefs in Indonesia along with the chance to witness unique behaviours of the many rare and wonderful critters to be found in the Pantar Strait. Divers can expect to see Rhinopias (lacey scorpionfish), pygmy seahorses, manta rays, schools of trevally and even the occasional whale! Departing from Maumere or Kupang, our 7 -10 night dive trips not only take you through the wonders of the Pantar Strait but to lesser dived areas including Rusa, Adonara and Serbete. These areas offer unique habitats, coral reefs, pelagic action, macro critter spotting and the opportunity for island visits.
Diving in Bali offers an opportunity to experience some amazing underwater treasures. This beautiful island boasts great macro opportunities in the north and east of the island.  The annual season for Mola Mola sightings off Nusa Penida in the south can also give you the chance to dive with reef mantas at Manta Point. The USAT Liberty, off the coast of Tulamben in the north east, is one of the most famous shipwrecks in the world offering amazing wide angle and macro opportunities.   Liveaboard diving in Bali on Damai I or Damai II  would be included in an itinerary of Sumbawa and Komodo.
Banda Sea
Diving in the Banda Sea offers some of the most unique diving adventures to be found in Indonesia. Located between the much publicized Raja Ampat islands to the north and the venerable Komodo National Park to the south, this exciting outpost has distinct volcanic islands and sea mounts which rise from the depths offering superb wall diving and boundless marine life.   Banda Sea liveaboard trips visit the historically significant island of Banda Neira, once the center of the Dutch/Portuguese Spice Trade dating back to the early 1600s, now a virtually inaccessible outpost of Indonesia offering amazing macro subjects and encounters with the rare mandarin fish demonstrating their lively mating rituals. A jewel in the crown of the Banda Sea lies further south at Pulau Manuk where seas are populated by hundreds of seasnakes. Dive Nusa Laut for both an example of healthy coral reef and a chance to see hammerhead sharks.   
Cenderawasih Bay
Diving in Cenderawasih Bay National Marine Park allows you to experience one of Indonesia’s newest and most exciting diving destinations and DAMAI is one of the most experienced operators in this area. In fact one of the original survey trips was undertaken from the decks of Damai I and our staff have many months working in this challenging and remote location. Cenderawasih Bay liveaboard trips offer you the unique opportunity of spending hours diving or snorkelling with multiple Whale Sharks and we regularly see the sub-adults around the local fishing platforms in only a few meters of water. However the area also boasts an incredibly rich history from the many battles between Allied and Japanese forces in the area during WWII and the area is littered with diveable wrecks of aircraft and ships. Finally there are the unique biological aspects of the bay. Geologically the area has been isolated for many millions of years and as a result many unique and endemic species have developed. Fish and creature watchers will be delighted by many species that they will have never seen before.
Diving in Halmahera offers a variety of underwater experiences including a spattering of wrecks in the north, some world class muck diving sites in the south and some of the best examples of hard coral gardens in Indonesia.
Halmahera liveaboard trips offer divers the chance to dive all corners of this remote and diverse archipelago. North of the Banda Sea and west of the world famous Raja Ampat lies this underpopulated island and its neighbouring archipelago of volcanoes, sandy islands and mangroves. Visit the drop offs in south Bacan to see Barracuda, the islands of Goraici to enjoy schooling reef fish and bait balls attracting numerous hunters, tunas, and mackerel and hunt under the docks at Makian and Leilei for critters. This is definitely a hot spot and we believe the best is still to be discovered!
Diving in the Komodo National Park is an amazing experience . The abundance and variery of large and small animals, reef creatures and pelagics, invertebrates and vertebrates, shallow reefs, drop-offs and drift dives produces exceptional diving, widely regarded as some of the best in the world.
Komodo liveaboard trips offers divers the chance to visit all the iconic dive sites like Batu Bolong and Castle and Crystal Rock as well as a chance to enjoy some lesser known beauties in both the north and the south of the area. We will also give you the opportunity to go ashore for a short trek with the endemic Komodo dragons.
Raja Ampat
Diving in Raja Ampat is breathtaking, with the marine life thriving from the sea floor to the surface and the colourful reef teeming with activity. There are sites that are so pristine and packed with growth, that a photographer is hard-pressed to find a spot to place a steadying finger. Exotic sea life and macro critters abound of course, and photo opportunities border on overwhelming.  
Raja Ampat liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to explore the entire region. You have the colourful soft coral areas around the southern islands of Misool with the opportunity to see sharks and mobula rays. In the north you have the world famous current rich Dampier Straits with iconic dive sites like Cape Kri and Blue Magic. In the east you can visit pristine coral gardens and climb to the viewpoint above the lagoon at Penemu. In the north you can dive with mantas at Kawe and go critter hunting in Aljui Bay.  
Forgotten Islands
Diving in the Forgotten Islands brings you to incredibly rich waters and the area is typified by crystal clear water, deep walls and pinnacles, awesome overhangs and swim-throughs, beautiful pristine corals, huge barrel sponges and large schools of fish. Some of the islands in South Maluku, like Nils Desperandum and Terbang are famous for sightings of hammerhead sharks. Others have walls with colourful softcorals like at Dai and still others are current swept and full of reef fish like the channel at Lelar.
Forgotten Islands liveaboard trips offer divers the opportunity to cruise around this chain of remote, beautiful islands known as the Ring of Fire, while enjoying the casual comfort, amenities and unique service that has made the Damai vessels the most desirable liveaboards in Indonesia.
Triton Bay
Diving in Triton Bay offers divers the chance to visit the colorful reefs which are fed by the nutrient rich waters from the rivers producing huge fields of soft corals, giant sea fans and clouds of planktonic feeding fishes. Its remote location has led to it being described as a ‘species factory’ by leading marine scientists; the region’s dive sites are swarming with fish and almost every nook is occupied by an exotic invertebrate.
Triton Bay liveaboard trips offer divers the chance to explore the whole region including Namatote island in the north in search of the elusive tiger shrimp on the colonial anemones and the current rich Aiduma Island in the south with its iconic dive sites like the soft coral covered Little Komodo.  In the south you can enjoy clearer water and plenty of fish at the island of Dramai and also dive inconic sites like Batu Jeruk on the southern tip of Aiduma, well named for the covering of orange soft corals.

Damai II FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers
There is no fixed departure time for our cruises allowing guests the flexibility to choose their preferred inbound airline. Most flights into the destination arrive between 06.00 and 12.00. All guests will be met at the airport and assisted with their luggage and transported to the vessel. Once all guests are onboard, the vessel will receive final clearance paperwork and depart as soon as this is received from the harbor authority.
At the end of a trip, the vessel will always arrive well in advance of any flight departure times. Again, guests will be assisted with their luggage and transportation to the airport. Guests can remain onboard with pleasure, but we insist on leaving at least 2 hours to navigate check in at the airport prior to your flight departure.

Visibility can vary from 51 feet to over 100 feet! This is never a real concern because of the enormous diversity of life in Indonesian waters. Our expert dive guides will always check currents, temperature, and visibility prior to a dive. We dive the best dives at the best times to find the best wildlife. Go with the flow, you won’t regret it. Temperatures can vary from 30C/86F to (rarely) 17C/65F but a normal range for most areas is 26/76F to 28C/82F. A 3mm wetsuit usually suffices with a hooded vest as a backup. Take advantage of our onboard dive equipment if you are cold, this is free for our All-Inclusive or Repeat guests. Currents are what make the Indonesia’s diving so special and can vary, the dive team will always check the current prior to a dive. If a dive is called for in a current it is because there is something extraordinary to see. If we feel that a diver’s experience is not adequate we will recommend that they sit a dive out or often the Cruise Director will personally escort the diver to ensure safety. Safety is our priority. We have years of experience in the business so please trust our judgment. We want you to come back and enjoy the experience again.

Our vessel has both 110v and 220v power. There are many adaptors on the boat for both battery charging and laptop computers. The standard power socket in Indonesia takes a European two-prong plug however most sockets on board are “international” and will accept almost any pin configuration.
**Please note that for safety reasons, guests are only allowed to charge batteries in the camera room during day time and our crew will disconnect all electronic devices overnight.
Damai II provides internet through our  Sailor 600 Ku Band VSAT system.
If you have food allergies or have a special diet please let the concierge team know in advance and we will do all we can to satisfy your tastes. Working in remote locations doesn’t really restrict our menu as we try to stock the vessels in advance and transport food regularly to the boat at the start of each trip, however much of our produce is locally grown and may be seasonal. Your comfort, pleasure, and health are our priority. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your needs are met. Also, while onboard let our service staff know if you dislike anything on our menu for the day and we will be happy to make you whatever you prefer. We need your input so please be proactive in order to satisfy your desires and needs.
On our vessels, beer and soft drinks and the first glass of House table wine (with dinner) are all free. We have a selection of wines by the bottle that you can purchase onboard and by prior arrangement (and with sufficient notice) we will order and ship to the boat your own selection from our suppliers in Bali. Please contact our reservations department to request the wine or spirits list. Prices for imported alcohol in Indonesia are high due to a luxury tax. We attempt to keep our prices as low as possible. It is not our goal to make money on these wines but merely to recoup our costs. If you wish to bring your own wine and spirits you are very welcome to do so. There is a limit of 1 liter per person at customs.
What toiletries should I bring?
At Dive Damai we provide our own range of unique Body Wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Lotion and Hand Soap allowing you to save the time, trouble and baggage allowance for more important items. We also have hairdryers available in each cabin and try to carry a stock of back up items in case you forget something important.


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