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Odyssey Adventures offers 7 day trips exploring the many wrecks of Truk Lagoon.

Over a 2 day period from February 17th – 18th 1944 the United States Navy launched an attack on the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Japanese had been using Truk as an anchorage for its large Combined Fleet. Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of the Pacific” or compared with Pearl Harbor, the location of Truk made it a prime shipping hub of aircraft and armaments from Japan to the Japanese “Southern resources area”

Over the two days of Operation Hailstone it is estimated that 250 Japanese warplanes and pilots were destroyed, about 40 ships- 2 light cruisers, 4 destroyers, 9 auxiliary ships and about 2 dozen cargo vessels were sunk. Its estimated about 4500 Japanese Soldiers lost their lives in the attack.

Considerable damage was done to the many island bases, including the dockyards, communications centers, supply dumps and the submarine base. After the operation Truk was effectively isolated for the rest of the war.

Two follow up attacks occurred in April and June of 44′ which brought the total to over 70 ships and 400 airplanes destroyed.

Today Truk Lagoon is massive underwater museum full of history from 1944. Scuba Divers from all over the world come to this small island to see and experience the history for themselves. Others are still working to identify some of the wrecks nearly 80 years on.  

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Trip Info

What’s included:

Greeting and transfers to and from the airport at the beginning and end of the charter for those arriving and departing on charter schedule.


Double occupancy accommodations on board for seven (7) nights


Private head, shower, and sink in each cabin


Your own air conditioning control in your cabin


Fascinating wreck and night diving


Guided dives, if desired


Warm towels after dives


Six (6) amazing days of diving, up to 5 dives a day


Breakfast, lunch, dinner and all snacks


All beverages including beer, wine, and distilled spirits


Relaxing in a spacious entertainment center with loads of movies, games, and books


Use of your own dive locker while onboard


30% Nitrox fills for certified Nitrox divers

Deck Plans

Vessel Specifications

Name: MV Odyssey

Length: 132 feet (40 m)
Beam: 24 feet (7.31 m)
Draft: 6 feet (1.8 m)
Type: All welded steel, twin screw
Engines: 2 x Detroit Diesel 330 h.p. each
Cruise range: 1200 nautical miles
Speed: 8 knots
Fresh water storage: 7,700 gallons (29,520 litres)
Water maker: 2 x Echo-Tec Marine 1800 gallons/day each
Fuel capacity: 2,400 gallons
Generators: 3 x Perkins/Stamford 100 kw, 80 kw & 40 kw
Compressors: 2 x Mako 13.1 CFM 5000 PSI
Electronics: 2 x Furuno Radar (24 nautical miles)
GMDSS equipped for Sea Area A3
2 x VHF Radio
Garmin GPS, Furuno GPS
Furuno Depth Sounder
Comnav Autopilot
Iridium Open Port Satellite phone
Year originally built: 1978
Last refit: 2018
Tenders: 25 foot custom aluminum with twin 200 Yamaha four stroke outboards
18 foot fiberglass with 40 hp Yamaha outboard
Scuba: 16 x 80 cubic foot aluminum scuba and Nitrox cylinders, DIN or yoke valves
16 x 100 cubic foot steel tanks, DIN or yoke valves
Storage banks for 7100 cubic feet
Nitrox Membrane System
Technical diving Equipment: 12 x double aluminum 80s with dual valve isolation manifolds, DIN or yoke
26 x 30 cubic foot aluminum pony bottles
6 sets x 2L steel Faber rebreather tanks with inline valves
6 sets x 3L steel Faber rebreather tanks with inline valves
Deco bar
Diver lift
Life Saving & Fire Fighting Equipment: Liferings, life jackets, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire alarms, and fire fighting suit.
Liferafts: 1 x 25 persons RFD Survive inflatables

A Typical Day

Although no two days with Odyssey Adventures will be the same a typical day begins at 7:00 with a hot breakfast followed by a dive briefing at 7:45. You’ll have the morning to do 2 dives on the site before we move to the next site during lunch. After lunch 2 more dives are offered or you can relax on one of the sundecks or in your stateroom. Dinner is usually served around 6:30 and if you’d like you can do a night dive afterward. Often you’ll find other guests hanging out in the entertainment lounge watching a movie or checking out the footage they got on the day’s dives.


One of the best parts about diving aboard Odyssey is that you’re not required to dive at a specific time. It is not unusual for you and your buddy to be the only divers on a 500′ wreck. For photographers, this offers more opportunities to shoot those popular scenes without having to wait for others to move out of the way.

Truk map

Diving Info

Diving in Truk Lagoon is an adventure you will never forget. WWII wrecks are scattered across 77 square miles. The wrecks are covered with life. There are over 300 varieties of hard and soft corals. On the outer reef, you’ll find mountains of coral that stretch as far as the eye can see, and drops off into the abyss. Here it is not unusual to see pelagic sharks.

The water temperature ranges from 82 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Visibility ranges from 30′ to 100′ depending on where you are in the lagoon and there is little current.

Commonly visited wrecks

Ship NameHighlightsLengthDepth Range
Fujikawa MaruLush coral growth. Zero airplane fuselages and wing sections.439′0′-120′
Yamagiri Maru18″ diameter artillery shells of Battleship Musashi.437′60′-120′
Nippo Maru2 man tank and artillery guns on deck. Photogenic wheelhouse.353′50′-150′
Heian MaruTorpedoes and submarine telescopes. Massive size.510′35′-100′
Sankisan MaruLush soft coral growth on mast. Machine gun ammunition in hold.200′0′-100′
Hoki MaruTrucks, bulldozer and tractor in hold. Massive destruction of bow.250′45′-150′
Unkai MaruPhotogenic bow gun. Good coral growth on masts.360′30′-130′
Rio de Janiero MaruAwesome size. Photogenic propellers. Large engine room.461′40′-120′
Hanakawa MaruLush soft and hard coral growth.36310′-100′
Fumitzuki DestroyerBow and stern guns, torpedo launcher.320′80′-120′
Betty BomberJapanese small twin engine bomber.60′50′-60′
Momokawa MaruAircraft parts, truck frames and artillery shells.380′80′-150′
Shinkoku MaruLush coral growth. Fantastic marine life. Excellent engine room.500′30′-130′
Aikoku MaruMassive destruction of bow. Photogenic stern gun.270′100′-200′
San Francisco MaruTanks on deck. Trucks, mines, bombs and ammunition in holds.375′100′-200′
Pizion ReefWall dive. Large coral heads in the shallows. Sharks 15′-200’+


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