How Scuba Diving Helps You Live Longer

The Health Benefits of Frequent Diving

Most non-divers may think that scuba is a relaxing, leisurely hobby. However, as divers, we understand that scuba diving is an adrenaline-boosting sport that requires experience and savvy. The general public may also be surprised to learn the different health benefits scuba divers gain from many hours under the waves.

Whether you have just started your certification process, or if you’re an experienced deep-sea explorer, diving provides numerous health advantages to divers of all skill levels:

Strength & Flexibility

As you swim through the water on your dive, your muscles work harder to propel your body through the water and currents. The resistance from the water and currents strengthen and lengthen your muscles to develop endurance and flexibility. Scuba also strengthens your core to provide better balance and posture, both underwater and on land.

Optimized Breathing

While underwater, it is imperative your breathing is slow, deep, and steady. This is essential when conserving and optimizing your air consumption. This deep breathing technique is excellent for lowering your heart rate, calming your mind, and staying focused. Additionally, optimized breathing reduces the risk of lung injury and mucus build-up, and it’s been known to help with existing conditions such as asthma.

Sunlight Exposure

It is crucial for the human body to be exposed to sunlight in order to create Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the rate of absorption of calcium, and helps the cells pass calcium to each other, resulting in strong and healthy bones. Being outside in the sun on the boat and under the water gives your body plenty of time to soak in that precious Vitamin D.

Stress Relief

Ask any diver and they’ll tell you how calming it feels to be under the water. This is due to an instinctual feeling of being back in your mother’s womb. This feeling of security, calmness, and well-being is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. When under the water, you’re able to see life from a whole new perspective and your everyday issues are left at the surface. Giving yourself this time to reflect and reset is one of the best health benefits diving provides.

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