Journey to the less traveled areas of East Indonesia, including West Papua, the Mollucas Islands and the Lesser Sunda Islands aboard Sequoia. Available only as a yacht for charter, this 86 ft. modern interpretation of a classic Indonesian yacht, embodies luxury and comfort.

Designed and executed with an emphasis on environmental impact, every detail has been handpicked with sustainability in mind. From the lower emissions ratings, to plastic free amenities and locally sourced ingredients, discovering the all treasures of the Coral Triangle with the peace of mind is achieved with minimal impact and supporting the local communities.

Sequoia accommodates up to 6 guests in three spacious and well-appointed suites. Everyone aboard is treated like family among the 10 crew members, with dedicated cruise manager. Sequoia features an abundance of space and privacy among the yachts three decks. Endless ocean views can be seen from sunrise to sunset up on the sky deck, and the main space for dining and relaxing under the stars. The indoor Great Room provides an added escape in air-conditioned comfort, providing plenty of space to lounge in peace.

Whether it is SCUBA diving, snorkeling, hiking, or immersing in the culture, Sequoia offers intimate experiences and unforgettable adventures, custom tailored for small groups, families, couples, and friends

Deck Plans

Vessel Specifications

NAME: Sequoia
BUILT: 2017
LENGTH: 86 ft
BEAM: 21 Ft
Gross Tonnage: 100 metric tonnes 
ENGINES: 1 John Deere Marine turbocharge 2200 rpm/ 325 hp engine
SAILS: 3x Doyle/Sta-Lok/Harken
2x Navigation Garmin GPS Map, Radar,and Eco Sounder,
2x VHF Radio, ICOMM 60 with distress signals 1x SSB Radio ICOMM 710. 
2x LifeRaft Survitec Ocean Master Off Shore SOLAS 12 Persons, 12x LifeVest for Snorkeling & Water Sports, 
24x SOLAS Life Jackets Type 1, 2 Fire Extinguishers, 4x Hand VHF Radios, Icomm 73, 1x Iridium Satellite Phone, 
1x SAT, 1x IMS,1x EPIRB
GENERATORS: 2 x Cummins Onan Sound Shield 13.5 Kw
AVAILABLE VOLTAGE: 110 & 220 V electricity
2X Sea Recovery Water Maker Reverse Osmosis 1gallon per minute
The 7 m (22 ft) Boston Whaler Dauntless is the primary mode of transportation for day trips and all scuba, snorkeling, tubing, and waterskiing
activities. The Mercury 225 HP OptiMax engine provides more than enough power achieving speeds of 75 kmh or 47 mph.
An additional smaller aluminum 17′ Tracker V16 is used for short journeys to shore when the Whaler is out so guests can go to shore at any time.
7 sets adult scuba diving equipment
4 sets kids scuba diving equipment
3 of 2-persons inflatable sea kayaks
3 of one-person SUP
1 of 3-person tubing
1 of water-ski
CREW: 10


Sequoia liveaboards Diving itineraries...

Sequoia offers trips to many different parts of Indonesia. Since Sequoia is a yacht for hire all trips are customizable from locations visited to the length of charter. Continue reading below for descriptions on many of the areas Sequoia can take you to.

Raja Ampat 
Known as the “Amazon of the Sea”, it is home to 533 out of 798 known coral species, which is 75% of world coral species. You will come face-to-face with up to 1,437 reef fish species in every direction. Here you may also encounter more than 700 species of mollusk including 7 species of giant clam, as well as 2,300 known species of Nudibranch, which means naked gills, and describes the feathery gills and horns that appear on their backs.

No wonder, Raja Ampat scuba diving has gained a reputation as being amongst the finest in the world. 

This archipelago is comprised of 600 islands, as well as an additional 900 more shoals and islets. Bluewater mangroves connect most of this region’s shallow sandy bottoms. This area of 40,000 km2 / 15,444 miles2, is 7 times the size of the “Island of Gods”, Bali. The best time to visit is October to April when the sea is calmer and the visibility is optimal.

Venture to where the wild things are – Raja Ampat – the most biodiverse marine region on earth. It is known as the “Amazon of the Sea”, as it is home to 533 out of 798 known coral species, which is 75% of the world’s coral species. You will come face-to-face with up to 1,437 reef fish species in every direction. Here you may also encounter more than 700 species of mollusk including 7 species of giant clam, as well as 2,300 known species of Nudibranch.

Misool Island is a remote, tropical hideaway, and one of the four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago. Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua, directly bordering the Seram Sea, the water is a veritable traffic corridor for many large sea creatures.

The southern region of Raja Ampat tends to have more walls with amazing sea fans and soft coral, while North Raja Ampat is more known for hard coral gardens, amazing manta dives, and sharks. Here in Misool, more than 60 dive-sites are waiting to be discovered by you. 

Scenic lagoons, shallow reefs, and crystal clear waters make an ideal location for on-the-water sports adventures like kayaking, tubing, and water-skiing. Its remote location means you will most likely have the place to yourself. The best time to visit is October to April when the sea is calmer and the visibility is optimal.

Triton Bay

Triton Bay is part of the Kaimana Marine Protected Area, which encompasses 6,000 square km (2,300 square miles) and is located in West Papua Province, Indonesia. Fak Fak & Triton Bay “counted marine biodiversity” is 1,005 species of fish, 471 species of hard coral, and 28 species of mantis shrimp.

Triton Bay is known as a home to endemic species. Endemism in Triton evolved the same way as it has throughout the Bird’s Head of Papua. Beginning ten of millions of years ago shifting tectonic plates caused geological upheavals and formed new island chains across the Indonesian Archipelago. Triton’s reef developed into a crossroads for current-borne marine larvae originating from the Banda Sea. Another contributing factor is the tremendous volume of freshwater flowing from the Mainland of Papua into the sea. Most marine larvae cannot survive in a low saline environment. Here they survive and flourish. The best time to visit is March to April and October to November.

Solor Alor
There are 95 islands surrounding this archipelago encompassing 7,420 km2 /2,865 miles2 of land and water. The Pantar Strait is between the islands of Alor and Pantar. The water coming from the Pacific in the north is flowing through this strait to merge with the Indian Ocean in the south. A similar flow occurs in the Komodo Archipelago. With more than 75 dive sites to choose, this area contains 1,200 species of coral reef fish and 500 species of corals. While underwater, visibility ranges up to 40m/132 feet in the dry season of July to September.

From a visit to a fortress in Saparua, a lazy sunset time at the pristine beach of Maulana to scuba diving on the colorful reefs of Nusa Laut you will be introduced to the spirit of the Moluccas. The cone-shaped Banda Gunung Api will welcome you to the heart of the Banda Archipelago. This volcano is also known as “The Etna of the Banda Sea.” The last recorded eruption in 1988 subsequently covered the reef in lava, however, the reef has recovered faster than anyone expected. While underwater, you may notice the blooming hard coral gardens that are unlike any other within the Coral Triangle.

Just before sunset, you can immerse yourself in front of the Maulana Hotel to gaze at the stunning mating Mandarin fish. We will take you to the south for scuba diving and/or snorkeling at Batu Kapal, and/or Hatta Reefs “Sekaru” in Bandanese Language, which means “shallow area”. This Reef is close to the 6,000-meter /20,000- feet deep Banda Trench, which makes it a special dive site that attracts big pelagic including stronghold of hammerhead sharks.

Take a leisurely walk through Neira town and explore the two old forts: Nassau and Beligica. Stroll the mysterious paths that lead to interesting places, colonial-era mansions, ageless shop houses, and an ancient Chinese temple. As you walk on the 313 stairways of Lonthoir Village in Banda Besar, it will lead you Kelly Plantation where centuries-old Kenari trees towering protectively over nutmeg groves.

During the festival, there are Kora-Kora races and traditional Cakalele dances inviting you to join. Ai villagers are very friendly and the unique culinary choices made with these special spices make for an experience that you and your family will never forget. End your sail with a visit to Run island which was traded by the British to the Dutch for Manhattan Island, New York in the 17th century. By that time, the British had already renamed Manhattan from New Amsterdam to New York.

Rinca and Komodo, are the only two islands in the world one can encounter one or more than 6,000 the prehistoric Komodo Dragons. A long trek is advisable, as it will allow you to see more wildlife such as Deer and Buffalos. The wilder Komodos are also seen at Nusa Kode, just south of Rinca. Witness a stunning sunset view of Padar or sunrise hike Lawa Darat famous for beautiful hills with stunning views and secluded beaches. The sheltered bay and crystal clear waters of Lawa Laut waters are ideal for water sport such as snorkeling, water skiing, and tubing, which you can combine with kayak and SUP. End your underwater adventure with a beach picnic on pink and/ or white sand of your choice. One of our favorite dive sites here is Crystal Bommies. It is named after the crystal clear waters that surround bommies, soft corals, and impressive table corals. It is home to a large school of yellow-ribbon sweetlips, tuna, mackerel, fusilier, and the colorful Anthias as well as Frogfish, Moray, and the Scorpionfish.

From the shallows to the depths of this region offers remarkable coral gardens with tones of reef fishes. Snorkel and/or dive at Taka Makassar or Nusa Kode looking for reef or oceanic mantas. Just off the coast of Labuan Bajo, Tukoh Bele and Sabolon offer perfect snorkeling, as well as an ideal location for discovery scuba.

Sumbawa lies in the Lesser Sunda Islands. This chain starts in Bali and ends in Tanimbar. In the middle, you will find laid back Sumbawa Island. Indonesia is the country with most volcanoes is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. 32 of Indonesia’s 147 volcanoes are in Lesser Sunda Islands. It is part of the world’s ring of fire. Here on the little known island of Sumbawa stands Mount Tambora, a majestic Satonda island with its marine lake in the middle of the island, as well as Sangeang Api standing still in the middle of the blue sea.


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