Cocos Island Scuba: Worth A Trip From Anywhere

In Costa Rica, the Turrialba volcano has been acting up. Scientists who monitor the volcano’s activity report that the volcano, which normally has around 20 tremors per day, has recently been having as many as 30 tremors per hour. If you’re a fan of watching how the world transforms itself, keep your ears open for news about Turrialba. It won’t be long, we think, before something exciting happens there.

Volcanic activity has played a huge role in the formation of the Cocos Islands. The islands are 300 miles off the shore of Costa Rica, and they serve as a valuable resting spot for lots of wildlife. Hammerhead and white tip sharks school here in great numbers. It’s a favorite destination for migrating whales and rays. Schooling fish abound, including jacks, tuna, and Creole fish.

The Cocos Islands are famous for the rich diversity of sea life. The gently sloping coral reefs that surround the islands are home to many species of fish that aren’t found anywhere else in the world. The rosy-lipped batfish is one great example, with a unique form and appearance. The rosy-lipped batfish has a vivid crimson splotch that covers the fish’s face and mouth.
Cocos Island scuba divers should keep their eyes open for bait balls, whirling, swirling masses of bait fish who group together to avoid predators. Any time you see a bait ball, predators are sure to be nearby!

Liveaboard Scuba Diving in the Cocos Islands

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