Compass Point – Grand Cayman: Dive beneath the surface

Diving enthusiasts travel from around the world to explore the hidden hollows of Grand Cayman, named Scuba Diving Magazine’s Overall Best Destination in the Caribbean-Atlantic Region for 2014. Largest of the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman boasts one of the most exquisite marine environments on the planet, offering scuba divers and marine photographers the ideal backdrop for their next diving adventure.

The Compass Point Resort rests on the Cayman’s Island tranquil East End, where a vibrant underwater topography laced with sandy atolls, towering canyons and colorful coral reefs await. Grand Cayman is known among scuba aficionados as one of the Caribbean’s premier dive spots. So what’s so special about diving Grand Cayman?

Divers can explore a piece of history frozen in time at the Kittiwake shipwreck, dive in the glow of ultra-violet lights, and come face-to-face with unusual underwater species on a three-tank safari. Traverse the clear, warm Cayman waters in search of the illusive lionfish, encounter shy angel fish on a deep dive, even feed flocks of southern stingray at the world-renowned Stingray City. For those divers of the more adventurous speed, the volcanic activity at Cayman Islands has created a rich environment for wall diving. Touted as one of the best wall dives on Cayman by many diving enthusiasts, the Jack McKenney’s Canyon draws the thrill of 100-foot dives and large canyon openings with the chance to gaze upon the majestic reef shark.

Whether you’re a recreational diver or a wildlife photographer hoping to capture the brilliant world beneath the surface of Grand Cayman, Compass Point Resort has something for you. Our on-site service dive shop is conveniently situated just a quick skip from your room; Ocean Frontiers provides resort guests with first-class training, premier scuba trips and custom-built dive boats. Our dive boats are fully outfitted with topnotch amenities: fresh water shower, rinse tank, separate rinse tank for cameras, and a camera table.

Novice, expert and intermediate-level divers are all welcome. Every dive boat is manned with a marine head for the safety of our guests. Divers and snorkelers alike can enjoy the diverse aquatic habitats that Grand Cayman has to offer.

Dive into Grand Cayman with Compass Point Resort!