Dare to dive: Epic mucking with Maluku Divers

Divers, macro photographers and critter fanatics alike get mucky to meet face-to-face with aquatic wildlife of the rarest variety. Unlike traditional dives, muck diving is all about the native ecology and honing in on the tiny life growing at the bottom of shallow waters. Nestled on the northern Banda Sea in Indonesia, Ambon Island is part of the Maluku archipelago and regarded by many a diver as the top muck destination on the planet. Maluku Divers is ideally positioned on the northern shore of Ambon Bay, just a hop, skip and a short boat trip away from some of the best, most bio-diverse diving sites.

With more than 30 dive sites in Ambon Bay, divers are apt to see a wealth of interesting sea life. Resort guests will be diving in waters brimming with the flamboyant cuttlefish, mandarin fish, ghost pipefish, blue ring and hairy octopus, thorny and pygmy seahorse, and stonefish! One particularly interesting creature native to this area is the ever-elusive psychedelic frogfish, which Maluku Divers actually first discovered in 2008. Very rarely sighted, this fish is a hard one to find and is only known to inhabit the Ambon Island. Renowned for their expertise, the knowledgeable guides at Maluku Divers are quite literally underwater detectives, skilled at sniffing out the small, unique critters that live silently in the waters here.

Maluku Divers was built specifically with divers in mind. Charming bungalows gaze out over Ambon Bay, each with the unique feature of individual editing desks for each diver. There is a good-sized communal camera room with several stations of many 220 electrical outlet and clothes. The resort is equipped with two L&W compressors, an L&W 450 and an L&W 280 as a backup; we also have the capacity for NITROX cylinder fills for divers wishing to spend more time with the deeper subjects. Maluku Divers take pride providing a smaller, more intimate dive experience, assigning a maximum of four divers to a dive guide.

Beyond the muck, Maluku Divers Resort offers dive excursions to coral slopes, unique topography, and the Duke of Sparta shipwreck in Ambon Bay. Maluku Divers Resort is passionate about muck scuba diving.

Let Maluku Divers introduce you to the curious critters of Ambon Bay.