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Frogfish Behavior And Habitat

Upon first glance, frogfishes appear to have faces that only their mothers could love. But it is an equally undeniable fact there is something that we find to be absolutely adorable in the way they look. And with the improbable twist of being so unattractive that with think of them as cute, there is little doubt that frogfishes have us hooked at first glance. Worldwide there are approximately 50 species of frogfishes.  They are described in four families, with family...
Psychedelic Frogfish

Make 2017 The Year You Try Indonesian Muck Diving

Psychedelic Frogfish – To date has only ever been found in Ambon, Indonesia More and more people are asking us about muck diving. Muck diving generally takes place in shallow waters, and the diver concentrates on the creatures that dwell on the sandy, sometimes rocky bottom. The scale of the creatures you encounter on muck dive trips is many orders of magnitude smaller than the rays, sharks, or whales you may see in open water, but when it comes to biological...
sea serpents

Sea Serpents and Sea Kraits: What’s the Difference?

From a distance they are often mistaken for moray eels. But unlike morays, they are fish, and they often boldly swim up to divers. And once they are upon us, they often give what feels like a rather intense inspection before they move along. Although some are drably colored, others are elegant and handsome. I would even say striking, but that is the one thing you hope that they are not. That’s because they are highly venomous. They are sea snakes and sea kraits, the...

Eels: Mysterious and Majestic

You might have heard the song performed by the American singer, actor, comedian and film producer Dean Martin among others that goes: There’s a thing on the reef, with big shiny teeth — it’s a moray; If he’s big and he’s mean, and he’s slimy and green — it’s a moray; Put your hand in a crack and you won’t get it back; it’s a moray…. Given the aforementioned descriptions, it is no surprise that over the course of human history eels have often been portrayed as sea...