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Five Unusual Sea Creatures You Will Find in Indonesia

Avid travelers know there’s more to Indonesia than Bali. Indonesia is a set of islands that makes up just one nook of Asia-Pacific’s Coral Triangle: the waters that surround Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, and The Solomon Islands. Millions are retreating to Indonesia, however, to experience a culture that has perfected relaxation and personalized treatment unlike any other.   This area is not just resting on its corals. At the...

Fast Food Fishes

Fast Food Fishes © Text and photography by Marty Snyderman Fishes use a wide variety of strategies to acquire their food.  Most of us are familiar with the strike hard and overwhelm your prey strategy that is often employed by carnivorous apex predators such as great white sharks and marauding schools of tunas, jacks and billfishes. Other fishes rely more on their ability to blend in with their surroundings and ambush unsuspecting prey before their prey knows what hit...
whale shark

I Swim With Sharks

I Swim With Sharks ©Text and photography by Marty Snydeman Upon first consideration, it seems like swimming or otherwise living in close association with toothy sharks would be the last place you would ever find smaller fishes. But Mother Nature has other ideas as several species of bony fishes including remoras, the rainbow runner, pilotfish, golden trevally and bluefin jack live in close association to some large fish-eating sharks. Remoras The common names remora,...

Frogfish Behavior And Habitat

Upon first glance, frogfishes appear to have faces that only their mothers could love. But it is an equally undeniable fact there is something that we find to be absolutely adorable in the way they look. And with the improbable twist of being so unattractive that with think of them as cute, there is little doubt that frogfishes have us hooked at first glance. Worldwide there are approximately 50 species of frogfishes.  They are described in four families, with family...